Teen Trans Men experience SEXISM from middle age Trans Women

One abuse that’s currently done within Transgender culture is that the older Trans Women (the natal males) boss around the teen and so much younger Trans Men (the natal females) to shut up and defer. Trans Men are manipulated to believe they had self-identified into “Male Privilege” and they must, therefore, always follow and do as they’re told by the Trans Women.

This is a truth that the Trans Women led, which is the male sex dominated, Trans Rights Activist culture makes every Trans Man subordinate because of this culture’s belief in “Trans Misogyny”. So any self-identified man must always defer to any self-identified woman. This is SEXISM in action.

Read this female’s experience of Trans Women (the natal males) enjoying their power. Trans Women are the leaders and bosses of the Transgender culture within the LGB. Trans Men are always emotionally blackmailed.

My Trans Youth Group Experience with Morgan Page

by GNC-centric

GNC-centric is a detransitioned dysphoric lesbian. She lived as a trans man for most of her teen years in Canada. For many of those years she attended book readings and lectures on gender and LGBT events, and studied queer ideology. She now uses social media to speak critically about the harms she witnessed and experienced as a member of the transgender community. 

She can be found on Twitter @gnc-centric





Trans Women like to peddle to Trans Men that they had traversed into “Misogyny”.