“It’s our room” and that means you can’t use it!

I’ve been watching politics in the United Kingdom specifically to see how women’s groups have been treated by government and businesses. The bad news is that many government officials, like municipal councillors, have consumed the Transgender religion. And, yes, Transgender ideology is a religion, creed and faith. The beliefs are metaphysical, and words alone are valued more than material reality. Example: Only a statement from human language is needed to transmorgrify a human male into a girl or woman. A woman is an adult human female, and a boy or man only need to say the words “I’m A Woman” and those words would transform his body into a female body. The belief of self-ID is entirely a metaphysical belief, and all religions have relied on self-ID to convert and impassion people to join and maintain them. Religions have also scared people to capitulate to them.

Words alone have been valued more than physical reality by many religions, which precede today’s Transgender political rhetoric. Christianity heavily relied on words, such as logos and transubstantiation.

So this is the bad news: Elected officials in all levels of the United Kingdom government have either converted to being convinced believers in the Transgender rhetoric of self-ID, or they’re cowards and are too scared to confront the Trans Rights Activists.

Civil servants in the United Kingdom do whatever the militant Trans Rights Activists command them to do. However, the good news is that more people are getting fed up with those councillors being partisans who are subservient to the TRAs. People are also disgusted with them because they are deliberately breaking the laws they have to agreed to. Such laws include due process. As well, they’re corrupt because of having “a conflict of interest“. That “conflict of interest” is their favouritism and partiality to the TRAs.

One such municipal councillor who had deliberately broke the law by doing a “conflict of interest” was Jessica Lennox. In Leeds, she’s the Labour councillor for the ward of Crossgates & Whinmoor.

Here’s the full Twitter screed from Jessica Lennox:

As well, Richard Firth told Adrian Harrop that he had tipped off Jess.

Richard is the Leeds Green Party officer for “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion“.

Richard stated very clearly to Harrop that the venue where Woman’s Place had booked for their meeting on September 28th was Leeds Civic Hall. Jessica Lennox was also a member of the group who planned to counter-protest Woman’s Place. Right there is Jessica’s “conflict of interest“.

Richard Firth also did his own Twitter screed to educate us that he was on the right side of history:

He no-platformed Woman’s Place from Leeds Civic Hall. His side certainly enjoys making up blasphemy laws to censor with. Richard will also do the ban again if he got another chance:

However, despite two sanctimonious converts, Woman’s Place did succeed in holding their meeting at a pub in Leeds. As well, Victoria Hotel better buckle up for the missionary Trans Rights Activists to mob and shame it for hosting Woman’s Place. Such zealots like to dominant a business to no-platform anyone who are heathens, which are bigots, to them.

Finally, Jessica Lennox closed her Twitter account on September 29th. She, however, knows she’s on the right side of history and her Twitter account was only a martyr. Praise be to Gender.