The new normal of the Mob and Public Shaming

An old, very ancient, institution has been resurrected in Western countries of this 21st century. That institution would be called the “Mob”.

The Mob is comprised of people of a community (from a nation-state to a village) who are made aware of a man or woman who’s violated the etiquette and the strongly believed in norms. The mob is made aware, and then quickly vilifies & shuns that person who had publicly violated the sacred values.

I would like to refer to two recent incidents of public shaming: Kelly Pocha and Aaron Schlossberg. These two people were publicly shamed because they had acted out their distrust when strangers had spoken a language that they didn’t understand. Kelly Pocha had overheard Dari (a dialect of Persian), and Aaron Schlossberg had overheard Spanish.

Both were subjected to an ancient justice that humans do while living as tribes, factions and as small scale intimate communities. Many people were outraged that Kelly and Aaron had wronged and violated a norm. So people had assembled to do an organized effort to reveal the name of the wrongdoer, the place of work, the home address, how to get the wrongdoer fired, and so on.

Look at the situation of Kelly Pocha:

She did a drunken rant toward Monir Omerzai and his friends while they were seated in a Denny’s restaurant in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Monir videoed her rant and then posted it on Facebook.

What followed Kelly Pocha’s recorded rant was her public shaming: She was fired by her employer, Dodge Chrysler Cranbrook (in British Columbia), because of thousands of people being outraged at her. Her case is an example of the Mob punishing one person.

The situation of Aaron Schlossberg isn’t significantly different:

He ranted in Fresh Kitchen at Midtown, New York city, after he heard an employee speak Spanish while taking Deena Suazo’s lunch order. Emily Serrano then videoed his rant about ONLY English should be spoken while taking an order. Emily supplied the video to the New York Daily News, and from there it went viral.

What followed was a public shaming: Aaron’s law firm lost its lease, and a Mariachi band was crowdfunded to show up in front of his apartment to serenade their condemnation of him. Currently, Aaron Schlossberg is humiliated.

Public shaming is worrisome to me because anyone could shamed and shunned. In other words, the Mob could make a mistake and publicly shame an innocent person.

Such an innocent person could be innocent because of speaking heresy against a cultural and political coup. Such a coup in Western Countries is currently the Political Correctness of Identity Politics going very wrong.

An example of Political Correctness going foul would be this: The current experience of Radical Feminists in the United Kingdom being publicly shamed by very aggressive and militant Trans Rights Activists. These feminists, like Miranda Yardley (a Transsexual Woman) and Venice Allan, are repeatedly mobbed, de-platformed, and ousted from the Labour party. It’s just bad to watch.

In all, the Mob publicly shaming to enforce the Political Correctness of Identity Politics is the new normal in Western countries. I wish it wasn’t, but it is.