Michael Rotondo: The Milennial Man Child

Michael Rotondo is turning 31. He also lives with his mom and dad. Michael is the premium example of a Millennial young adult who’s completely afraid to move out of his parents’ house. In other words, Michael Rotondo is a parasite. Or call him by other words such as deadbeat, loser and lout. The British have a fabulous term, which is layabout. The word literally means to “Lay About”.

Michael is a case of a stunted & cowardly adult man. He’s a Man Child.

His parents have paid to keep a house for all three of them to live in, and Michael became habituated to that. The guy is used to other adults paying bills for him to live dependently.

Furthermore, no excuses about the economy will be accepted.

I had to work in my 20s and that was from the 2000s to the 2010s. My own parents RANTED at me to get used to doing a job. My husband had to get a first job when he was a teenager. We both had to get habituated to doing paid work.

Also another thing:

Michael Rotondo has committed effort into doing his own legal research to make excuses for him to NEVER move out of his parents’ house. If he can do this, then Michael can redirect his effort into researching job postings. The guy can do the effort to get a job. He can do the effort to move out.

This is a warning for the parents who don’t expect their kids to clean up the messes they make, and to NEVER do a single chore: You are the problem that’s hampering your kids. A human who has never done steady chores & jobs won’t have the practice to feel confident to do paid work and to move out.

Michael is court ordered to move out on June 1st by 12 noon.