Trans Rights are Human Rights

On October 18th, Emma Watson posted this on her Twitter:

She also uploaded this photo to her Instagram and Facebook.

Now then, I have only two contentions with her celebrity endorsement.

First, the problem of self-ID isn’t being admitted by the Trans Rights Activists. The TRAs are in complete denial of self-ID being abused.

I sincerely would have a bit of respect for the TRAs IF they would admit that predatory men have been identifying themselves as women while they’re incarcerated in a men’s prison. Self-ID has permitted these men to make a simple declaration that they’re women, and the prison warden then had to transfer them to a women’s prison.

I’m also not talking about only one man, nor two or three men. More than a few predatory men have been exploiting self-ID. They would be:

Carrie Cooper (Gary Cooper), Jacinta Brooks (Duncan Smart), Jessica Winfield (Martin Ponting), Michelle Lewin (Shaun Pudwell), and the list goes on for men who are incarcerated in the UK prisons. And think about that: This is only a brief list for men in the UK prisons.

There are many men like Karen White who have put on a wig, make-up and women’s clothing as their facade to coerce the prison administration to transfer them to a women’s prison. These men have said the words “I’m A Woman” to manipulate the prison staff to transfer them to a women’s prison.

It’s also not just women’s prisons that are being infiltrated by exploitative males. Women’s shelters are being colonized by grown men who have stated they’re women.

So then that’s my first cautionary contention: I know self-ID omits safeguarding. It’s naively open to abusive men to exploit.

My second contention with Emma Watson’s backing is that it’s…

…and celebrities have been wrong about what they’ve endorsed.

Here’s an example: Kathy Lee Gifford endorsed the wrong idea that vaccines cause autism.

She has consistently stated her belief in fraud research that presents vaccines as a cause for autism.

Here’s an example of fraud research: Dr. Andrew Wakefield scared parents from vaccinating their kids with the Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine.

He published an indictment of the MMR vaccine in The Lancet in 1998, and for 12 years this fraud had informed parents.

For 12 years the parents of autistic children had cited this article as unquestionable evidence that the MMR vaccine caused autism.

In 2010, The Lancet finally retracted Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s fraud research. And yet, more than a few parents continue to believe they shouldn’t vaccinate their kids with the MMR vaccine.

So once again Measles is infecting kids in countries like Canada, the US, and similar, because more than a few people don’t use them. The herd immunity is not possible when people opt out. As well some people can’t get vaccinated because their immunity is compromised from medications like chemotherapy drugs. Such people have to rely on the possibility that other people are vaccinated.

In all, those are my two contentions with Emma Watson’s celebrity endorsement of “Trans Rights are Human Rights“. I would like to one day see the Trans Rights Activists owe up to the fact that predatory men are currently exploiting self-ID to their advantage. And, finally, I don’t follow celebrity endorsements because, well, celebrities have been wrong.

Men like Karen White, of course, exploit Gender self-ID

Stephen Wood enjoys pretending he’s a woman called Karen White. Gender self-ID is a facade to Stephen Wood. Self-ID was the easiest method for him to exploit. It earned him an easy transfer into the women’s prison HMP New Hall, in Flockton, the UK.

The prosecution was absolutely right about Karen White.

Christopher Dunn, the prosecutor, told the Leeds Crown Court:

She is allegedly a transgender female. The prosecution say allegedly because there’s smatterings of evidence in this case that the defendant’s approach to transitioning has been less than committed.”

“The prosecution suggest the reason for the lack of commitment towards transitioning is so the defendant can use a transgender persona to put herself in contact with vulnerable persons she can then abuse.

Gender self-ID is wonderfully open to abuse by:

It’s completely open to exploitation by a…

and a…

It’s a sad story that Stephen Wood could have been kept out of the women’s prison with safeguarding. However, safeguarding is completely non-existent when self-ID is the rule.

So then, Stephen Wood had sexually assaulted the women inmates within days of arriving at HMP New Hall in Flockton, near Wakefield, during the autumn of 2017. As Karen White, he watched and ogled the natal women in the communal showers:

However, Karen White could be transferred back into a women’s prison.

Richard Garside, the Director of @crimeandjustice, has an explanation as to why Stephen Wood as Karen White could be housed again in a women’s prison:

Could Karen White be transferred back to a women’s prison? The short answer is yes. Here’s how…”

Gender self-ID: A path of least resistance for men like Karen White

Trans Women are Women, and these Women will never abuse self-ID.


So goes the motto, and also this…


Predatory men will never abuse self-ID.


These are statements of creed by Trans Rights Activists. The TRAs will simply not admit, for one minute, that there are predatory males who will exploit self-ID. Such men are:

Otherwise known as:

There will always be a Stephen Wood who will self-identify as a woman to continue to do his sexual crimes with this self-ID as his cover and ruse.

Self-ID is fundamentally open to exploitation by male pedophiles, rapists and by any man who does male pattern sexual crime.

Self-ID has no requisite gatekeeping and safeguarding as part of its philosophy. So then, say the words “I’m A Woman” and wear the facade of a wig, blouse and prosthetic breasts, and you could go into any space that’s only for women. You could self-ID while you’re incarcerated in a men’s prison and enjoy a transfer into a women’s prison where the most vulnerable women are housed. Self-ID is a means to an end for all the predatory males who will do any tactic to do their sexual crimes.

Never underestimate men like:

The Karen Whites are calculating and emotionally manipulative males. They will game and chance any philosophy and system to do their sexual crimes. Example: Karen White had repeatedly abused his neighbours in social housing in the village of Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire before he was sent to a men’s prison and then to a women’s prison. He abused their belief in human rights by threatening to report them to the police for a hate crime. He threatened every time they never called him a “her” and each time they critically questioned the veracity of his self-ID.

Here’s what the neighbours said:

We did not have a problem with her being transgender. We already had another transgender woman living here and we all got on just fine. [But Karen White] was always calling the police accusing us of hate crimes against her. And then she started getting violent – it was a terrifying time for all of us – we wish she had never been placed here.”

As well, there are too many “woke” useful idiots like Adrian Harrop and Owen Jones who drivel it’s bigotry and phobia to say that predatory males will exploit self-ID. They stupidly drivel that this demonizes transgender people and it implies they’re sexual predators. The useful idiots repeat the mantra that it conflates transgender women with sexual predators whenever we speak that male pedophiles and rapists will exploit self-ID. They chant that it adds to the stigma some transgender women experience.

However the Self-ID Apologists will eventually perceive that patience for their rhetoric has run out.

To the Gender Apologists, I say this: “Yes, please, continue to remain mute and complicit about self-ID being exploitable.”

Eventually the pawns for the bullish and militant Transactivists will succumb to ridicule because they chose to never admit that there are men like Karen White.