Philip Bunce cosplays as a Woman and is given an award.

Philip Bunce

Congratulations goes to Philip Bunce because he was given an award that was meant for females. The award he received was for the “Top 100 Female Executives“. That’s right. I will iterate again: A natal male was celebrated with an award meant only for females.

Holy shit.

Also Philip Bunce was given this award not once, but twice. He got it first in 2017 and now in 2018.

Why did this man get a business award meant only for Female Executives? Oh we can’t really know unless we scrutinize the reason.

Pippa Bunce

This reason would be that Phil cosplays as a woman occasionally. He picks a day to cross-dress in a blonde wig and a woman’s dress, and then shows up to his job dressed like that.

Phil arbitrarily picks a day, and then shows up to work calling himself “Pippa“. Of course, Phil dresses in a wig and clothes that are only his idea of what a woman must wear. Phil is only wearing his idea of what a woman should look like while adorned with cosmetics and clothes. This idea is called a stereotype. You can also call it a caricature.

Pips Bunce

So we must celebrate this progress. However, this is truly a farce.

Congratulations Pips for enjoying this award two times:

2017 Top 50 Women


100 Female Executives 2018


As well, please read the understandable anger posted on Facebook from the natal females to this award being given to a man.


Social Construct vs Biology: The Chimps will have to show us that Gender emerged from Biology

The major problem I see with believing that “gender” is ONLY a “social construct”, is that “biology” is discounted. Biology is believed to be irrelevant. It’s ignored as the organic essence or the stuff from which gender had emerged.

The Chimpanzees will have to show us that gender arises from biology!

Here we go…

The Kanyawara girl Chimps seek out and play with sticks as *dolls*. Meanwhile, the boy Chimps aren’t interested in playing with sticks as dolls. Instead the boy Chimps throw the sticks.

If we have to revisit our Chimpanzee relatives in Uganda to educate us that “Gender emerged from Biology“, then so be it.