AI deep neural networks more accurate than a person at perceiving sexual orientation from a human face

Gay and transgender activists take issue with Artificial Intelligence being able to very accurately detect sexual orientation from its analysis of a man or woman’s facial morphology (like a nose) and from facial grooming (like hairstyle, plucked eyebrows).

Current AI is actually already better with judgement or observation of the physical environment than human beings are. Homo sapien humans, as they are right now, can’t evolve their own biological capacity of perception to perform at the same level as AI.

Humans would have to augment their biological selves with AI in order to attain equal ability of observation or perception.

AI is fascinating. 😊

The following by authors Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang is worth checking out:

Next would be Michal Kosinski & Yilun Wang’s commentary about AI already being more accurate at perceiving sexual orientation from a human being’s face: