WordPress censors GenderTrender: Why?

GenderTrender has been dumped, which is censored, by WordPress.com. The fact of why is that GenderTrender had published a previous legal name of a Transgender Woman. That name was a male name, and is found in the public domain.

4thWaveNow has also explained succinctly what WordPress had done to GenderTrender, which you can read here.

It’s now clear that WordPress supports the blanket enforcement against deadnaming. Let there be no doubts: WordPress firmly views the publishing of former names as “malicious publication” when the owner of those names currently lives a “transgender identity.

The problem of doing an uncritical blanket ban against reporting a previous legal name of the Transgender person is that abusers will exploit this blanket ban to hide their history of abuse from online publishing. Independent reporters, bloggers, and news websites would effectively be gagged from publishing the previous alias which an abuser lived by.

A gag order would censor the history of let’s say a Transgender Woman who had trolled underage girls to groom them for sexual exploitation. He did this while living by his natal male name. As well, years or months later this same man had decided to gender as a woman, and he then adopted a woman’s name as his new legal name.

A gag order would effectively censor the connection of the Transgender Woman’s abuse to the time in her life while she was living as a natal male.

Abusers thrive when they are able to disconnect their past alias from their current legal name. They hide their history by that disconnect.

You could also end up viewing this disconnect as there’s still a man who’s completely unrelated to the Transgender Woman: Effectively two different people. However, that’s a ridiculous logical conclusion. But then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if abusive males could hide their history by the guise of two different people: One being a natal male and the other a Transgender Woman.

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