Trans Rights are Human Rights

On October 18th, Emma Watson posted this on her Twitter:

She also uploaded this photo to her Instagram and Facebook.

Now then, I have only two contentions with her celebrity endorsement.

First, the problem of self-ID isn’t being admitted by the Trans Rights Activists. The TRAs are in complete denial of self-ID being abused.

I sincerely would have a bit of respect for the TRAs IF they would admit that predatory men have been identifying themselves as women while they’re incarcerated in a men’s prison. Self-ID has permitted these men to make a simple declaration that they’re women, and the prison warden then had to transfer them to a women’s prison.

I’m also not talking about only one man, nor two or three men. More than a few predatory men have been exploiting self-ID. They would be:

Carrie Cooper (Gary Cooper), Jacinta Brooks (Duncan Smart), Jessica Winfield (Martin Ponting), Michelle Lewin (Shaun Pudwell), and the list goes on for men who are incarcerated in the UK prisons. And think about that: This is only a brief list for men in the UK prisons.

There are many men like Karen White who have put on a wig, make-up and women’s clothing as their facade to coerce the prison administration to transfer them to a women’s prison. These men have said the words “I’m A Woman” to manipulate the prison staff to transfer them to a women’s prison.

It’s also not just women’s prisons that are being infiltrated by exploitative males. Women’s shelters are being colonized by grown men who have stated they’re women.

So then that’s my first cautionary contention: I know self-ID omits safeguarding. It’s naively open to abusive men to exploit.

My second contention with Emma Watson’s backing is that it’s…

…and celebrities have been wrong about what they’ve endorsed.

Here’s an example: Kathy Lee Gifford endorsed the wrong idea that vaccines cause autism.

She has consistently stated her belief in fraud research that presents vaccines as a cause for autism.

Here’s an example of fraud research: Dr. Andrew Wakefield scared parents from vaccinating their kids with the Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine.

He published an indictment of the MMR vaccine in The Lancet in 1998, and for 12 years this fraud had informed parents.

For 12 years the parents of autistic children had cited this article as unquestionable evidence that the MMR vaccine caused autism.

In 2010, The Lancet finally retracted Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s fraud research. And yet, more than a few parents continue to believe they shouldn’t vaccinate their kids with the MMR vaccine.

So once again Measles is infecting kids in countries like Canada, the US, and similar, because more than a few people don’t use them. The herd immunity is not possible when people opt out. As well some people can’t get vaccinated because their immunity is compromised from medications like chemotherapy drugs. Such people have to rely on the possibility that other people are vaccinated.

In all, those are my two contentions with Emma Watson’s celebrity endorsement of “Trans Rights are Human Rights“. I would like to one day see the Trans Rights Activists owe up to the fact that predatory men are currently exploiting self-ID to their advantage. And, finally, I don’t follow celebrity endorsements because, well, celebrities have been wrong.

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