UK Girl Guides: No to safeguarding, Yes to Transgender.

In the United Kingdom, two Guide leaders (Helen Watts and another) have been expelled. What was the reason for their dishonourable discharge? Helen and the other leader had publicly discussed their concerns about safeguarding in the Girl Guides. Their concerns were about the organisation’s transgender policy. Since then, both of their units have been closed down by the Girl Guides.

Helen Watts, who was one of 12 leaders that signed a letter to The Sunday Times asking for a review of the Guides’ transgender policy, was told she was fired. This expulsion was done regardless of Helen’s membership for more than 15 years.

What’s the policy that the UK Girl Guides have for boys & men who gender themselves as female?

1) Boys & men can self-ID their gender as girls and women. This means they can say they’re girls and women and do nothing further to make their new identity accepted. It’s only the statement of words that are required.

2) Those boys & men will never have their identification of gender disclosed to the parents of the natal girls who are members of the same unit.

3) Safeguarding is only reliant on a criminal conviction. This means that a Guide Leader (with no prior criminal record), who IDs as a Transgender Woman, could groom and sexually assault the natal girls in her unit.

A Guide Leader could very well sexually assault while also not being red flagged because this adult was already vetted and made a unit leader because of having no prior criminal record. This concern is legitimate because many Transgender Women currently are heterosexual and also choose to keep their male genitals. Such Trans Women keep their penis intact while also calling it “feminine” and “girl dick“.

4) Men are the majority of the adults who perpetrate rape and sexual assault.

Rape is specifically done by males, and is defined in law as unwanted penetration done by the penis. In other words, both men and teen boys do male pattern sexual violence. Both natal males and trans women commit rape because both have a penis.

Example: The women’s prisons in the UK are totally compromised right now because of male rapists and pedophiles being housed in them due to being permitted to ID as women. And, yes, it’s a problem that male rapists and pedophiles like Karen White are exploiting self-ID.

5) Safeguarding is completely dismantled right now because of the Girl Guides allowing adult males who self-ID as women to be Guide Leaders. Men comprise the majority of people who recruit and groom to sexually exploit, molest and rape. So it’s now a question of when and not if a natal girl in a Girl Guide unit will be groomed, molested, sexually assaulted and raped by a grown man who IDs as a woman.

Finally, Girl Guides will ban any girl from being a Guide who IDs herself as a boy or as gender-nonconforming. That’s right: This is a double standard. These are two different, and unfair rules, where one is for natal girls who ID as male and the other is for natal boys who ID as female.

Boys and men absolutely win by this hypocritical, double standard that’s been orchestrated by Girl Guides because either can ID as female and be a leader or a Guide. Meanwhile girls and women lose because if they ID as male or as gender-nonconforming, they’re banned.

Girl Guides as an organization for girls, which are the child human females, have lost the plot.

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