Gulags are good for you.

Goldsmith University LGBTQ+

LGBTQ+ of Goldsmith University had tweeted that the gulags are for TERFs, and then did a screed on why these prisons were “compassionate“.

Of course, according to this Rainbow Pride student group, Gulags were needed for all the people that the Bolsheviks had correctly arrested.

The good news is that Goldsmith’s Student Union had disowned this Rainbow Pride student group because, well, the Bolsheviks had “disappeared” all the USSR era homosexuals into the gulags:


The dark irony is that Goldsmith’s LGBTQ+ had chosen to ignore the history of all the homosexuals who were sent to the gulags. The Bolsheviks made it a point to “disappear” all gay people from Russian society into the gulags during the USSR era.

This irony shows an obvious ignorance and a total lack of appreciation from a Gay Pride Student Group for all the gay men and women who had died in the gulags.

Anyway, posted here is the twitter screed from LGBTQ+ of Goldsmith University who righteously (but wrongly) believes that gulags were good even though gulags were specifically for their kind of people:

LGBTQ_Goldsmith Uni_01

LGBTQ_Goldsmith Uni_02

LGBTQ_Goldsmith Uni_03

Also, here’s the Google cache of the screed.

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