The inconvenience of Lisa Littman to the partisans of the Transgender community

Lisa Littman

Transgender activists like Zinna Jones, for certain, want to completely discredit Lisa Littman.

Lisa Littman is, of course, problematic because she has created a new descriptor for a phenomenon of teen and young adult natal girls gendering themselves as males.

In this decade large numbers of natal girls have been experiencing gender dysphoria. In the previous decade there wasn’t a critical mass of natal girls who were observed by their parents as suddenly believing themselves to be boys and men.

Rapid onset gender dysphoria

Only during this decade of the 21st century have large numbers of natal girls been observed by their parents as doing a phenomenon of a rapid onset of gender dysphoria. This phenomenon is new. It’s radically new.

So Lisa Littman has been the first academic to have written a descriptive research study about this phenomenon. She is the first academic to have officially published a name for this phenomenon.

Lisa Littman had consulted peers such as Lisa Marchiano to make a name for this phenomenon of natal girls who suddenly, in large numbers, gender themselves as males. Of course, the peers that Lisa Littman had brain stormed with are deeply problematic to Trans Rights Activists. Peers like Michael Bailey are viewed as no different than Nazis by the militantly partisan TRAs. Michael had authored “The Man who would been Queen” and was immediately subjected to a smear campaign and harassment by censorious Transactivists.

Side note about Michael Bailey: Please read Alice Dreger’s “The Controversy Surrounding The Man Who Would Be Queen: A Case History of the Politics of Science, Identity, and Sex in the Internet Age” that chronicles which Transgender Women had outraged at him.

Lisa Littman could very well be experiencing the same aggressive outrage from TRAs, which Michael Bailey was subjected to years ago. Julia Serano certainly wants to belittle Lisa’s rapid onset gender dysphoria as “a bad unsubstantiated theory” and as TERF propaganda. By the way, TERF is a slur.

Of course, Julia wishes to completely discredit and dismiss the very first official study on ROGD. The first study should be the last because there isn’t a social contagion occurring. It’s impossible that a phenomenon of social contagion is occuring, and we certainly couldn’t talk about it because this phenomenon doesn’t agree with the political rhetoric of Transgender Activists. It doesn’t fit and, therefore, is heretical to the foundational beliefs the Transactivists have agreed on.

Brown university

Brown University is also treating Lisa Littman as a problem to the partisan activists of the Transgender community. It distanced itself from their anger by deleting its website’s news letter about her ROGD descriptive study.

Here is the news letter:



PLOS ONE is cited by Brown University as the reason why it had deleted its news letter about Lisa Littman’s journal article.

PLOS ONE was, of course, contacted by outraged partisans from the Transgender community. They made demands and PLOS ONE then put up a public relations comment that its staff would be reviewing Lisa Littman’s published journal article. Brown University next latched onto that comment as being reason enough to delete its news letter about Lisa Littman’s descriptive study.

Welcome to this century’s new normal of universities in the West capitulating to partisan activists.

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