Progressivism never ever stops.

This is a funny comic.

It depicts the slippery slope of Progress. Specifically it’s a pock shot at Progressive morals and why “Progressivism” never stops erasing and replacing tradition. That tradition would be traditional knowledge, culture and morals upheld by indigenous Elders. That’s one example.

My specific problem I have with White progressive liberals is that they only get miffed when a younger generation of “Progressives” mature into young adulthood and demand to replace the Elders. Liberal progressives prefer to never quit replacing whatever morals and cultural riches had predated them with their own thought up morals. Simply put, Progressivism is a belief that an older moral system must be erased and replaced with a more chic and edgier moral system.

The Indigenous peoples in Canada get what I’m talking about because they were legislated by White liberal progressive-minded Canadians to attend *Residential Schools*.

Progressive liberals expounded they were on the “right side of history” and felt moral goodness when the Canadian federal government had made it law to pack up and send off Indigenous children to both Catholic and Protestant run boarding schools. All these schools where managed by a majority of White people. There was a token Indian administrator, but the majority were White Canadians. An example of a such an Indian administrator was the Indigenous man who was the principal of the Protestant Christian run residential school, called Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential School, which Chanie Wenjack had ran away from. Chanie Wenjack had also died of exposure.

I also am honestly very tired of repeatedly being interrupted with “…but SLAVERY and the Jim Crow legislated White Supremacy in the U.S. had to be erased by Progressives.” However, I’m not talking about that, Buttheads. I’m talking about a wholesale and never-ending erasure of traditions and moral systems like:

1) You are a child from a First Nations band in Canada, and you were legislated to get only schooled in English because your ancestors “Native” language was believed to be “dated”.

I’m talking about neverending Progressivism that does erasure like that. Got it?

That is my warning to anyone who wants to talk about White Supremacy and about how White progressive liberals were always saving the day. White progressives have fucked up, and they continue to leave their foot prints on someone else’s tradition of respecting their Elders.

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