Transgender Politics and its dismissive racism to Female Genital Mutilation – part 2

The British Columbia NDP have chosen to ignore me and other women. They chose to be complicit and to endorse the *racism* that Morgane Oger said to a Black woman when she explained Female Genital Mutilation to him and the exact reason why it’s done.

Maybe you can let the BC NDP know that you’re aware of Morgane Oger and his dismissive racist speech to a Black woman. Or maybe not.

(Morgane Oger is the Vice President of the British Columbia NDP, and certainly has power and is not marginalized.)

A Black woman, named Jana Cornell, tried to educate him about the reality of Female Genital Mutilation, but Morgane chose to regurgitate apologetics for his Transgender Ideology to that woman.

Morgane talked over her, gaslighted her and tried to curry sympathy from observers that he was being victimized by her. Morgane specifically accused her of “leveraging Transphobia” while she was talking about the reality of Female Genital Mutilation.

FGM is never called “Gendered Violence”. The word “Gender” is a moniker that Western, White Male-to-female Transgender Activists overuse, and natal women who were subjected to Female Genital Mutilation only call FGM as “Sex-based Violence”.

Morgane Oger refused to think outside his Transgender beliefs for just one minute to know the vocabulary that women who endured Female Genital Mutilation speak and write must be respected.

Morgane chose to be a hypocrite and a self-righteous minded White Transgender activist.

Morgane chose to not take a break from his Transgender worldview to see, for one minute, that he is a hypocrite who polices people’s speech (because pronouns are the latest human right), and that he failed to police his own *racism* toward a Black woman’s correct vocabulary for Female Genital Mutilation.

Pronouns, pronouns and importantly pronouns matter to Morgane Oger above all else. Pronouns must be respected, but Morgane should be excused for being dismissively racist to the words that a Black woman told him to use when he talked with her about Female Genital Mutilation.

Morgane said “Gendered Violence” and she said “No, you have to know that Female Genital Mutilation is Sex-based Violence.”

Morgane ignored her authority and had assumed the expert on the vocabulary of FGM was him.

In all, I don’t care about Morgane’s pronouns because he has not cared, for one minute, about the vocabulary that a Black woman told him to use when talking with a survivor of Female Genital Mutilation.

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