Progressivism never ever stops.

This is a funny comic.

It depicts the slippery slope of Progress. Specifically it’s a pock shot at Progressive morals and why “Progressivism” never stops erasing and replacing tradition. That tradition would be traditional knowledge, culture and morals upheld by indigenous Elders. That’s one example.

My specific problem I have with White progressive liberals is that they only get miffed when a younger generation of “Progressives” mature into young adulthood and demand to replace the Elders. Liberal progressives prefer to never quit replacing whatever morals and cultural riches had predated them with their own thought up morals. Simply put, Progressivism is a belief that an older moral system must be erased and replaced with a more chic and edgier moral system.

The Indigenous peoples in Canada get what I’m talking about because they were legislated by White liberal progressive-minded Canadians to attend *Residential Schools*.

Progressive liberals expounded they were on the “right side of history” and felt moral goodness when the Canadian federal government had made it law to pack up and send off Indigenous children to both Catholic and Protestant run boarding schools. All these schools where managed by a majority of White people. There was a token Indian administrator, but the majority were White Canadians. An example of a such an Indian administrator was the Indigenous man who was the principal of the Protestant Christian run residential school, called Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential School, which Chanie Wenjack had ran away from. Chanie Wenjack had also died of exposure.

I also am honestly very tired of repeatedly being interrupted with “…but SLAVERY and the Jim Crow legislated White Supremacy in the U.S. had to be erased by Progressives.” However, I’m not talking about that, Buttheads. I’m talking about a wholesale and never-ending erasure of traditions and moral systems like:

1) You are a child from a First Nations band in Canada, and you were legislated to get only schooled in English because your ancestors “Native” language was believed to be “dated”.

I’m talking about neverending Progressivism that does erasure like that. Got it?

That is my warning to anyone who wants to talk about White Supremacy and about how White progressive liberals were always saving the day. White progressives have fucked up, and they continue to leave their foot prints on someone else’s tradition of respecting their Elders.

Transgender Politics and its dismissive racism to Female Genital Mutilation – part 2

The British Columbia NDP have chosen to ignore me and other women. They chose to be complicit and to endorse the *racism* that Morgane Oger said to a Black woman when she explained Female Genital Mutilation to him and the exact reason why it’s done.

Maybe you can let the BC NDP know that you’re aware of Morgane Oger and his dismissive racist speech to a Black woman. Or maybe not.

(Morgane Oger is the Vice President of the British Columbia NDP, and certainly has power and is not marginalized.)

A Black woman, named Jana Cornell, tried to educate him about the reality of Female Genital Mutilation, but Morgane chose to regurgitate apologetics for his Transgender Ideology to that woman.

Morgane talked over her, gaslighted her and tried to curry sympathy from observers that he was being victimized by her. Morgane specifically accused her of “leveraging Transphobia” while she was talking about the reality of Female Genital Mutilation.

FGM is never called “Gendered Violence”. The word “Gender” is a moniker that Western, White Male-to-female Transgender Activists overuse, and natal women who were subjected to Female Genital Mutilation only call FGM as “Sex-based Violence”.

Morgane Oger refused to think outside his Transgender beliefs for just one minute to know the vocabulary that women who endured Female Genital Mutilation speak and write must be respected.

Morgane chose to be a hypocrite and a self-righteous minded White Transgender activist.

Morgane chose to not take a break from his Transgender worldview to see, for one minute, that he is a hypocrite who polices people’s speech (because pronouns are the latest human right), and that he failed to police his own *racism* toward a Black woman’s correct vocabulary for Female Genital Mutilation.

Pronouns, pronouns and importantly pronouns matter to Morgane Oger above all else. Pronouns must be respected, but Morgane should be excused for being dismissively racist to the words that a Black woman told him to use when he talked with her about Female Genital Mutilation.

Morgane said “Gendered Violence” and she said “No, you have to know that Female Genital Mutilation is Sex-based Violence.”

Morgane ignored her authority and had assumed the expert on the vocabulary of FGM was him.

In all, I don’t care about Morgane’s pronouns because he has not cared, for one minute, about the vocabulary that a Black woman told him to use when talking with a survivor of Female Genital Mutilation.

Transgender Activism ignores the grooming gangs in the United Kingdom

I have kept in touch with Miranda Yardley. Miranda is a rare transsexual dissenter of the Millennials and the few Gen Xers who campaign the current Transgender Ideology and its politics.

I haved watched Miranda get called “IT” and also dickless and nutless by men who identify themselves as women. None of the monster TERFs have degraded Miranda with this loathsome name calling. I mean, the Millennial white guys who gender themselves as women aren’t fooling whenever they mock Miranda by different versions of the word “eunuch”. Miranda was also called an “Organ Grinder“.

This brings me to my point:

The Millennial men who gender themselves as women do very dirty politics. Such tactics would be this: They claim violence is being done to them WHENEVER they are actively cyber and IRL stalking Miranda Yardley. They go after her, but they say that she is doing violence to them.

Miranda is daily trolled by Millennial TRAs who desperately want to bait and trap her with the condemnation of Racist, Sexist, Homophobe, Bigot and as a “Phobe” to human babies, kittens and puppies. They really want to call her EVIL.

And so I watched another dismal attempt.

What happened was that Ruth Raddish (not the author) had joined Miranda’s group on MeWe. Ruth was there with complete bad faith and intentions to condemn Miranda as a RACIST.

Ruth wanted Miranda to say “Yes, I speak for @ThePosieParker and I am responsible for whatever she tweets even though I’m permanently banned from Twitter.”

Ruth Raddish wanted Miranda to compromise herself by answering this question:

What’s your opinion on the racism that’s openly emerged in your movement!

@ThePosieParker had tweeted:

No idea. But there are pockets of Bradford where the culture is not British. Like many ex pat communities they hold on to their past culture rather tightly. There was an all boys school that was 99.9% Pakistani Muslim. Awful place for women.”

Ruth Raddish didn’t neutrally ask her question about that tweet. Ruth was accusatory with an exclamation mark. Neutral questions are asked in good faith with a question mark.

Miranda saw the ruse for what it was. So she repeatedly answered that she couldn’t give an opinion about what Posie Parker meant or didn’t mean as racism because Miranda wasn’t Posie Parker. Instead Posie Parker should be directly asked that adversarial question.

Miranda also answered with a question about the racism that’s being done by Transgender Activists. The activists have yet to acknowledge that they do racism. It’s an epidemic they insist to remain blind and mute towards because they must be on the “right side of history“, and being on that side means they are never wrong.

I also answered back: “Ruth, how about you pay attention to the White Transgender activists who are dismissively racist to Black women when they talk about their Female Genital Mutilation and about the reality of why FGM is done?

Ruth Raddish grudgingly answered “…fine, that’s racist.”

I don’t have the screenshot because when Miranda had evicted Ruth from the MeWe group, Ruth’s question and the convo were also deleted. It was deleted when I had halfway screencaptured the convo.

But I can rehash what was said.

What Ruth did next was call Miranda “IT“, and Miranda replied ‘Fuck You‘.

Miranda finally commented to be civil or leave.

I finally said: “…Ruth, just maybe, and could it be possible that Posie Parker’s tweet was referring to the systemic grooming gangs that are 100% operated by British Pakistanis Muslim Men?


“…could it be possible that the all boys school, which Posie had guestimated as 99% attended by British Pakistanis Muslim boys, is an *awful place for women* because she was referring to the reality of the grooming gangs?”.

I also added ‘British Somali Men‘ because Somali Brits are starting to set up grooming gangs.

But, of course, that was the answer Ruth Rubbish had wanted Miranda to say, and it was the answer that Ruth cried: “I knew it! You’re RACIST! And I have screencapped everything to show on my social media that you’re racist. Gotcha!

And, yet, Ruth was meant to share what I said about the Rochdale, Telford and so many other grooming gangs.

Today’s Transgender Activists love to maintain a very major blindspot toward the racism that’s done by British Pakistanis Muslim Men to only White British Girls who are poor, non-believers, and are from troubled homes.

The Leftists refuse to speak about what the Brit Pakistanis are doing as systemic racism to only White, poor, non-Muslim British girls whose families are dysfunctional.

No Black Brits and no South Asian Brits are being targeted, recruited, sexually exploited and prostituted by the 100% run British Pakistanis grooming gangs. But Ruth Rubbish had ‘Gotcha-ed‘ me: I also mentioned that the British Somali Men were beginning to set up their own grooming gangs.

Transgender Politics and its dismissive racism to Female Genital Mutilation

I have watched men who gender as women repeatedly gain political power and establish themselves as a Patriarchy, which should be called a Transarchy.

Transgender activism is really lead by men who gender as women. The other Transgender activists who are non-binary or who are women that gender as men are minor political players.

Women’s washrooms have been colonized and appropriated by the “trans women” into gender neutral washrooms. Meanwhile, the washroom for men remains as a washroom for only boys and men. The women who gender as men haven’t made the men’s washroom as gender neutral.

And now I have witnessed a man who genders himself as a woman talk dismissively racist to a natal Black woman. That Black woman was subjected to Female Genital Mutilation when she was 8 years old, and she was told by a “trans woman” that she was ‘leveraging’ her story about Female Genital Mutilation as an attempt to ‘leverage Transphobia‘.

I have watched a Black feminist get driveled to. That Black feminist was told by Morgane Oger that she was a Bigot, she was race baiting him to make him seem racist, and was using her testament about Female Genital Mutilation as her attempt to “leverage Transphobia“.

(Morgane Oger is the Vice President of the British Columbia NDP, and certainly has power and is not marginalized.)

Morgane Oger is a white male who genders as a white woman, and he has zealous and militant Transgender beliefs. Morgane also has zero tolerance for anything that he defines as Transphobia. Pronouns are his preoccupation, but I don’t care because I have watched Morgane talk racist to a Black feminist named Jana Cornell.

Jana Cornell is a woman of colour who had explained to Morgane Oger that Female Genital Mutilation is only done to human females because of their biological natal sex, and not because of Morgane’s zealous beliefs about gender.

Jana repeatedly explained to Morgane Oger that Female Genital Mutilation is a racialized custom of “sex-based violence” that’s done to women who are African or to women of colour who are living on the African continent (such as Egyptian women).

Female Genital Mutilation is only done to Female Girls and Female Women because of their natal sex, and not because of Morgane Oger’s ideas about gender.

Morgane Oger was dismissive to Jana Cornell, and repeatedly named FGM as only “gendered violence”. Jana repeatedly tried to correct Morgane that FGM must be called “sex-based violence” because that is the reality of Female Genital Mutilation.

I emphasize that Morgane Oger had minimized, gaslighted, and replied dismissively to Jana’s personal testimony as to why Female Genital Mutilation is done.

Again, FGM is a racialized custom that’s done to only women of colour.

The adults who do Female Genital Mutilation to girls and women specifically cut and sew their female genitals. That cutting and sewing is done to the labia of a girl’s and woman’s vagina. This is done because of targeting a girl’s and woman’s natal sex, which is specifically their female genitals, and not because of Morgane Oger’s Transgender Ideology. Morgane Oger refused to get that.

Jana Cornell was subjected to Female Genital Mutilation when she was 8 years old, and she knows the reality of FGM.

I’m emotionally tired because of witnessing nothing politically being done to stop natal women from being marginalized by trans women.

The governments, like the NDPs in British Columbia, have sided with the men who gender as women. So legitimate complaints about the excesses made by Transgender politics are actively ignored.

Will the British Columbia New Democrats continue to endorse Morgane Oger as the Vice President of the BC NDP? Will they continue to ignore Morgane Oger bullishly slurring women like Jana Cornell as using her experience of Female Genital Mutilation to ‘leverage Transphobia‘?

Morgane Oger loves to slur natal women, like Jana Cornell, as a TERF & Bigot despite being very wrong about a topic like Female Genital Mutilation. Morgane very much wants to be right all the time.

So I’m curious to know if the BC NDP will continue to ignore Morgane’s zealotry? The answer is Yes.

Finally, I have posted the screencaptures of Morgane Oger dismissively gaslighting Jana Cornell’s personal testimony about Female Genital Mutilation: