Aaron Schlossberg: The new normal of Public Shaming

Aaron Schlossberg ranted in Fresh Kitchen at Midtown, New York city, after he heard an employee speak Spanish while taking Deena Suazo‘s lunch order. Emily Serrano then videoed his rant about ONLY English should be spoken while taking an order. He did this rant on Thursday, May 17th. Please come forward and correct me if I’m wrong about the names, date and place.

What followed AFTER Aaron’s rant was Public Shaming.

Many people were outraged and then assembled to do an organized effort to reveal Aaron’s name, place of work, where he lived, how to get him fired, and so on.

I don’t like what this guy said. However, I fear the Mob.

Public shaming is worrisome to me because anyone could shamed and shunned. In other words, the Mob could make a mistake and publicly shame an innocent person.

Such an innocent person could be innocent because of speaking Heresy against a political coup. Such a coup is Political Correctness going very wrong.

An example would be: The current experience of Radical Feminists in the United Kingdom being publicly shamed by very aggressive and militant Trans Rights Activists. These feminists, like Miranda Yardley (a Transsexual Woman) and Venice Allan, in the UK are repeatedly mobbed, de-platformed, and ousted from the Labour party. It’s just bad to watch.

Aaron Schlossberg’s public shaming very much reminds me of Kelly Pocha’s shaming. Kelly Pocha had lost her job in Cranbrook, British Columbia, because of her public rant at a Denny’s Restaurant in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

This is the new normal. Welcome to the 21st century in Western countries.

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