Kelly Pocha: Etiquette, Norms, and the new normal of the Mob in 21st century Canada

I really am not surprised.

An old, very ancient, institution has been resurrected in Western countries of this 21st century. That institution would be called the “Mob”.

The mob is comprised of people of a community (from a nation-state to a village) who are made aware of a man or woman who’s violated the etiquette and the strongly believed in norms. The mob is made aware and then quickly vilifies and shuns that person who publicly violated the sacred values.

Look at the situation of Kelly Pocha:

It’s easy to get recorded by a cell phone camera, and then publicly shamed & pilloried. Kelly Pocha was drunk & did a drunken rant. I know what she said was stupid, and yet I also feel sympathy for her because the mob has come after her.

The Facebook video by Monir Omerzai is found here.

She has been fired by her employer, Dodge Chrysler Cranbrook, because of thousands of people being outraged at her. Her case is an example of many people punishing one person. The group, or the community, punishes the individual for doing a public display of violating sacred beliefs like Anti-racism.

The sacred has been many kinds of values. In 21st century Western countries, Anti-racism is sacred.

The sacred norms could be understood as this:

They are the rules that everyone understands would make the community good and the individual human person good. Violating a sacred norm is an act of being evil. The sacred defines good and evil.

I’m also not a moral relativist. So what I’m saying is that I fear the mob, and I feel sympathy for Kelly Pocha. I feel bad for her being made jobless because the mob has said it’s the right punishment for her employer to shun her.


Beware of the mob.

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