The Humboldt Broncos: Nora Loreto’s Social Justice response to a tragic bus crash – part 4

I had caught a supporter of Nora Loreto doing a lie, which was fake news.

The lie purported that Celeste Leray-Leicht (a Humboldt Broncos mother) was being mobbed with hate email and social media text messages.

The steps of this fake news occured like this:

1) Denise Balkisson (@balkisson) had linked to “PARENTS OF JACOB LEICHT FIND PURPOSE IN THE FACE OF TRAGEDY” by Ken Campbell, from The Hockey News, as part of her tweet:

2) The Twitter user @trapdinawrpool next used the screencapture from Denise’s tweet, and retweeted the image with the fake news claim that a Humboldt Broncos mother was being mobbed.

Below is the screencapture:

The tweet from @trapdinawrpool was exactly versed as: “The mob now turns its blood lust toward the mother of a deceased Humboldt player. This has never been about respect for the dead and their families but instead serving a white supremacist world view.”

Finally, Nora Loreto retweeted the fake news from @trapdinawrpool:

Nora had retweeted a fake claim from the Twitter user @trapdinawrpool because, obviously, the fake news had fit her own narrative of herself being a victim and that a mob was being irrational.

However, Nora is a terrible journalist for not vetting what is real news versus fake news from her Twitter fans. A real journalist has to assess the content that one of her fans blurbs. This is called having journalistic standards.

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