The Humboldt Broncos: Nora Loreto’s Social Justice response to a tragic bus crash – part 3

Many Canadians are now familiar with the Humboldt Broncos bus crash near the town of Tisdale, Saskatchewan.

16 people (10 of whom were the hockey players) were killed by the collision of a semi transport truck with the bus of the Humboldt Broncos. The location of this terrible collision was at the intersection of Highway 335 and Highway 35 in Saskatchewan.

As well, many Canadians became acquainted with Nora Loreto’s infamous tweet. It was a posturing statement that first demonstrated a moralizing Social Justice, and then a very weak condolence toward the Humboldt Broncos.

Nora had to tweet: “The Humboldt Tragedy is so terrible. I know that’s obvious but there’s really not much more to say.

However, she didn’t stop with ‘there’s not much more to say‘, but continued to yap:

I’m trying to not get cynical about what is a totally devastating tragedy but the maleness, the youthfulness and the whiteness of the victims are, of course, playing a significant role.”


She next embarked on a daily Twitter campaign to display herself as a victim. Of course, Nora had called anyone a Nazi and White Supremacist while doing this self absorbed effort to seem like a victim.

The words ‘Nazis’ and ‘White Supremacy’ were overused by Nora Loreto. Her incessant usage had made these words noise.

I liked this guy’s correction of her frequent overuse of ‘Nazis’:


It also doesn’t matter that he made a typo with ‘appropriate’. He made his point.

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