Identity Intersectionality is a religion

There’s a new religion that the Social Justice students, Antifa & Intersectional Feminists have joined and now proselytize. This new religion is Identity Intersectionality, which is better known as **Identity Politics**.

Andy Ngo wrote aptly that any ideology or philosophy about identity is only a religion. Religion is heavily concerned with the identity of a human being and what “good & evil” makes up their identities. The new form of “Good” and “Evil” is “Marginalized & Oppressed” and “Oppressive & Oppressor”.

Religion is majorly focused on “Social Justice” and with the “Intersection of Good with Evil” that each human has and each human community has. Religion is more concerned with group agreement, heresy, than with intellectual freedom, dissent & disagreement. Religion heavily punishes a heretic for speaking up and for dissenting with its narrative.

Here’s what Andy Ngo wrote:

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