Identity Intersectionality is a religion

There’s a new religion that the Social Justice students, Antifa & Intersectional Feminists have joined and now proselytize. This new religion is Identity Intersectionality, which is better known as **Identity Politics**.

Andy Ngo wrote aptly that any ideology or philosophy about identity is only a religion. Religion is heavily concerned with the identity of a human being and what “good & evil” makes up their identities. The new form of “Good” and “Evil” is “Marginalized & Oppressed” and “Oppressive & Oppressor”.

Religion is majorly focused on “Social Justice” and with the “Intersection of Good with Evil” that each human has and each human community has. Religion is more concerned with group agreement, heresy, than with intellectual freedom, dissent & disagreement. Religion heavily punishes a heretic for speaking up and for dissenting with its narrative.

Here’s what Andy Ngo wrote:

Transgender & Transrace: The Social Justice progressives have an upcoming hypocrisy to deal with

Social construction is favoured over biology? Am I right? This is the ideology that Social Justice liberals rally and push for?

As far as the Social Justice politicos are concerned, gender is only a social construct. The social construct is explained as the ONLY CAUSE for humans to have created and performed their two genders.

Gender is explained as being performed by human culture. So, excuses are made and gender is rationalized as NOT being the behaviour of men & women that emerged from their dimorphic sexual human biology.

Okay then, so Gender is only performative. However, Race is also a social construct. Oh dear. Race must be off limits.

Remember Rachel Dolezal? Rachel is a White woman who styled herself as Transrace Black woman.

Rachel Dolezal

However in the upcoming future, reasons and excuses will be made by Social Justice adherents that Transrace shouldn’t be done and it must be called all sorts of slurs, like “appropriation“, to shame people from being Transrace.

However, tough.

I will not give sympathy and hugs to the Social Justice crew when they face people from their own crowd demanding to be Transrace. The Social Justice warriors will have to face their own political metaphysical beliefs being used against them.

I will be one of the people who will be a bitch and call the Social Justice students a “bigot” and “transphobic” when they speak out and say “No, that person can’t be Transrace. That’s racial appropriation“.

When the Social Justice believers begin to realize that their own arguments are being used against them, I won’t be sympathetic. “Tough,” I will say.

Live by the sword Die by the sword

The Social Justice progressives will hear their own ideology about Transgender being spoken from other people’s mouths, but those words would be spoken to support Transrace.

Any Social Justice parent or student would be called names and slurs whenever he or she publicly argues on Twitter, Facebook & other social media against the uncritical support of kids & adults. They will be called the slurs of “bigot” & “transphobe” when they debate to either caution or to not support the kids & adults who want factory pharmaceuticals and surgeries so that they could do their medical & surgical “transitions“.

Payback is a bitch, and I’m such a bitch because people need to learn what their ideology does in reality to someone who dissents it.

Live the reality of your ideology