Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria

Linda MacDonald: She runs an online support group for parents of kids, teens & young adults who are transgender.

Linda MacDonald’s website is this: www.parentsofrogdkids.com

However these parents at Linda’s support group want to challenge and critique the dominant beliefs about Transgender. They need to question all that’s done as medical surgery & hormones to a person’s body.

They need to question because both the child and the young adult are doing this trend: Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD)

If you don’t like reading Quilette because you only believe any drivel that’s published by fallible scholars, then please read at this link (which links to the Journal of Adolescent Health).

Here’s an excerpt from JAH:

On average, 3.5 [let’s say 4] friends per group became gender dysphoric. Where friend group activities were known, 63.7% of friend groups mocked people who were not transgender or LGBTQ. Where popularity status was known, 64.2% of adolescents had an increase in popularity within the friend group after announcing they were transgender. AYAs received online advice that if they didn’t transition immediately they’d never be happy (31.7%) and that parents who didn’t agree to take them for hormones are abusive and transphobic (37.3%). AYAs expressed distrust of people who are not transgender (24.7%); stopped spending time with non-transgender friends (25.3%); withdrew from their families (46.5%), and expressed that they only trust information about gender dysphoria that comes from transgender sources (53.1%).

The above is only the start of academics trying to define if people feel they are transgender because:

1) They were without friends until they made friends with a LGBTQ clique,

2) They gained popularity & support from that clique of friends when they saw that Transgender to those friends meant status & acceptance,


3) They really were Intersex.

As well, Linda MacDonald was undeservedly banned from this public support group:

Support Group for parents & caregivers of gender creative, trans, transgender children, youth or young adults

This group is run by two organizations in Ontario, which are publicly fundedFamily Services Ottawa and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

I needed to get in contact with Linda MacDonald because she is doing a good thing.

My email to her:

Hello, I would like to introduce myself as a fellow Canadian mom. I write by a pen name or a pseudonym because I often write disagreement and questions.

I often write a minority opinion.

However, I know that writing as a minority is a good thing.

Having beliefs, which permit me to be skeptical and be a conscientious objector, is a good thing.

People, as a group or nation, can be wrong. History has many examples of groups or nations that made grave errors because they uncritically and righteously behaved according to their religion or to their political beliefs.

The group or nation have made errors. They have made severe and large mistakes while viewing their mistakes as correct and righteous. Whenever people have a consensus, most of them won’t dare to see this dominant narrative as available to be criticised.

Most often people agree and have a consensus because they don’t want to be called slurs (like ‘Bigot’, ‘Racist’, ‘Transphobe’), they don’t want to be shamed & told to feel guilt, and they don’t want to be excluded for showing they were skeptical and they needed to critically question.

Please get in contact with me. I think you’re fantastic. I would like to interview you. I actually would like to post your op-ed on my blog. You can write what you want. You can’t make me feel “Unsafe”.

Dotcamom Blog

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