Wilfrid Laurier University is now censoring. To me this place is no longer a university.

Universities in Canada ARE in a trend of devolving from institutions that permit diverse ideas to be discussed to becoming places where a doctrine is taught. Any idea that challenges or is a deviation from that doctrine is censored because it is blasphemy.

My criticism sound familiar?

Does this sound familiar about a university turning into a place where blasphemy laws are enacted and enforced?

Medieval Catholic Christian Europe was the first place to institute universities (like the universities of Paris, Oxford & Cambridge). But these universities were places where theocratic education was only taught so as to enforce and enrich Christian theology & beliefs.

The current model of the university was only allowed to exist because of the 18th century European Enlightenment. The goal of the Enlightenment was to permit any and all ideas to be discussed in a humanities, liberal arts class, and also on a university campus.

However now in the 21st century, this model of the university — which permits free thought and debate of all ideas — is being transformed back into an institution that only permits ONE ideology and set of beliefs to be taught.

I’m looking at the end of university as I know it and the beginning of the university as the place of educating a specific religion. In this case, a specific POLITICALLY LEFT IDEOLOGY.

At least, the original university in Medieval Catholic Europe was straightforward instituted to only educate the Christian religion with some inclusion of Greek antiquity philosophy.

Universities in Canada right now are in DENIAL that they are turning into institutions of education that only permit ONE IDEOLOGY to be discussed. Denial is delusion.

Lindsay Shepherd at Wilfrid Laurier University has already been micromanaged and policed by the management of Wilfrid Laurier.

She is right while her supervising professor Nathan Rambukkana, Communication Studies coordinator Herbert Pimlott, and acting manager Adria Joel of Gendered Violence Prevention and Support are the censors:

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