Macleans columnist Tabatha Southey: Jordan Peterson is the stupid man’s smart person

I used to read Macleans, but no longer am a devoted reader. My main reason is that the columnists of Macleans magazine write snarky or bitchy opinions about people, like Jordan Peterson, whom they don’t like.

Tabatha Southey is the typical Macleans columnist: She writes from her feelings of total annoyance with some guy she doesn’t like. I read her like a woman who’s bitching (yes, bitching) about a guy she hates and wants everyone else to agree with her and also hate.

No surprises here that Tabatha Southey wrote a nitpicky complaint about Jordan Peterson:

I’m a white woman like Tabatha. So I’m qualified to take issue with her being bitchy about Jordan Peterson MAINLY because he’s a white man who won’t use a trans woman or a trans man’s pronouns of address.

Columnist Tabatha Southey is really not that far off from being the next White Person With White Privilege, like Jordan Peterson, who’ll get nitpicked and snarked at by a magazine columnist MAINLY because of first being White and is secondly in disagreement with a trend.

Tabatha Southey really ISN’T that secure and far off from criticism.

She is next in line to be snarked at because she’s a White Woman (an automatic place of Privilege).

If Tabatha Southey ever DISAGREES with the trend of students on university & college campuses acting as a mob with their beliefs, she will get snarked at by a magazine columnist. Oh, yes, she will.

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