Gender appropriation could be done

Gender as a social construct was originally theorized and presented by Judith Butler.

Gender was thought by Butler as performative. Performative gender would mean that the identity and expression of your gender is created and maintained by choices you make and actions you do daily. Gender is performative because gender is what you do.

From Judith Butler:

Drag is not the putting on of a gender that belongs properly to some other group, i.e. an act of expropriation or appropriation that assumes that gender is the rightful property of sex, that “masculine” belongs to “male”  and “feminine” belongs to “female.” There is no “proper” gendera gender proper to one sex rather than another, which is in some sense that sex’s cultural property. — from Judith Butler’s essay “Imitation and Gender Insubordination” originally published in Inside Out: Lesbian Theories, Gay Theories (Routledge, 1991)

So gender appropriation isn’t permitted to be valid because gender is ONLY looked at as a social construct. Performativity of gender forbids anyone from having a valid contention that appropriation of gender could be done.

To me, gender is more than a social construct. I seriously doubt the thinking and beliefs that gender is ONLY created by culture.

Biology is being excluded from Western beliefs about gender because social construction and gender performativity MUST exclude biology from informing those beliefs.

I would like to see more questions about biology and information from it being included. I would like to see biology also informing the dominant narrative we tell ourselves in our Western societies.

It’s interesting that cultural appropriation is a major contention in Western countries. It’s discussed and is believed by many people to be wrong. But gender appropriation isn’t a real issue in Western countries. It’s not discussed. It’s not found in Wikipedia.

I see a discrepancy occuring, which would be a double standard:

Cultural appropriation is a problem. It’s viewed as real. But trans women and trans men appropriating gender is not real and not a worthwhile topic.

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