Transrace vs. Transgender

Adam Wheeler (a trans woman) renamed herself Ja Du and now identifies as Transfilipino:

Will transrace be accepted in a Western country?

Reasons currently used to support transgender choices could also be used as argument for transrace.

Why not? 🤔

The reasons to be transgender are many and could be summed up as:

1) My gender was chosen or assigned for me by looking at my genitals when I was born. Also when I was a kid and then an adult my assigned gender wasn’t the gender I identified with.

2) Although being born with the genitals of a boy, with the chromosomes of a boy, I was born a girl. I was born a girl because I think I’m a girl and I identify as a girl.

3) Gender, like race, is a social construct. A social construct is made by people to organize people as a culture, society, community or country.

4) A social construct is fluid. Culture would be an example. The construct of culture is fluid and it changes as people change their ideas and beliefs.

5) Determinism, like biological determinism, isn’t a truth. 

Current knowledge of biology is made by people. People are also fallible. So the knowledge made by people could be a dogma. Appealing to the knowledge of biology is the same as appealing to the dogma of a religion.

With the above said, I always question present-day reasons used by people to transgender.

By question I mean, I critique.

The social construct perspective that’s currently used to explain everything is a perspective that I critique because it’s too dominant. A dominant belief often turns into a cultural narrative that’s rigid and unforgiving whenever it’s challenged.

Right now transgender is a part of Western cultures. Transgender is accepted in Canada and has the federal Bill C-16 and different legislation from the provinces to protect it.

Should transrace next be accepted?

Transrace could be accepted because why not?

Cultural appropriation could be argued.

However, “gender appropriation” could also be argued against the decision to transgender.

Why not argue support for the feminists (T.E.R.Fs) who are bothered by biological men transitioning their gender to being a woman? To the TERF feminists transgender is appropriation of the human female gender.

But what else aside from cultural appropriation could be argued as a reason to reject transrace?

An argument based on one item, like cultural appropriation, isn’t enough. Or one reason could be enough when you want to taboo, prohibit or outlaw the topic.

However, transrace could be accepted like transgender.

Gender and race are both argued to be social constructs. Social constructs are fluid, and so they change because people change their ideas and beliefs.

Why not accept transrace?

But transrace won’t be accepted.

Membership or belonging to a race is more defended and contentious in any country compared to sharing membership and belonging to a gender.

Race is much more a nation-state, tribal and a community. The people who are members of an ethnicity are more invested and protective of their ethnic identity. 

You must be born from those members or adopted by those members for you to be assigned that ethnic identity. You can’t transition your race because that is viewed as appropriation.

The right of membership and belonging isn’t an individual’s right, but the rights of a community. Acceptance is up to the people who are members of the ethnicity.

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