Men behaving badly

I’m not surprised Kevin Spacey had made a sexual advance on Anthony Rapp, when Anthony was only 14 years old. I’m also not surprised that Louis C.K. had exposed himself countless times in front of women and had masturbated.

What surprises me is the women who are the friends, girlfriends and wives of these men, and they always say they never knew that the guys were acting badly. Seriously? 

I say, “Don’t be dumb”. I also don’t believe any public statement from these women that they never knew what the men were doing as unwanted sexual advances.

These women chose to not know because the men they were associating with were rich and famous.

These women benefited from their association with these men. They benefited their careers, and they benefited their status by being the friend, the girlfriend and the wife of these movie producers, actors and comedians.

So I have no sympathy for a public statement of “I never knew he was doing that”.

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