Masuma Khan: She’s racist

Masuma uses the hashtag #WhiteFragilityBeware, which is racist. When worded as #BlackFragilityBeware the racism is demonstrated. When worded as #AsianFragilityBeware the racism is apparent.

This is the same woman who wrote:


It doesn’t matter that Masuma was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It doesn’t matter that she’s a woman. It doesn’t matter that she has the intersectionality of her being a Muslim woman with brown skin.

Masuma is using this criteria of brown skin, being a female and a Muslim as her tool of power to get done what she wants done.

Masuma wants to be an ally of all Indigenous Canadians, but she’s militant. 

She prefers Malcolm X over Martin Luther King Jr. and she is righteous.

She’s smug because she narrates to herself that she’s always right.

Masuma is always correct about racism: She tells herself a dogma that she’s always right that not one White person experiences racism in Canada.

Masuma informs her narrative with scholarship from two White women Peggy McIntosh & Robin DiAngelo that White people can never be targeted with racism.

But of course we all know that academic opinion on race has NEVER been wrong in the 21st century or in the 19th & 20th centuries:

Thomas Teo, York University. Adapted from: Teo, T. (2008). Race and psychology. In W. A. Darity (Ed.), International encyclopedia of the social sciences (2nd ed.) (Vol. 7, pp. 21-24). Detroit, MI: Macmillan.

Masuma is an immigrant like all of us who were born in Canada, but is also not one of those who were born First Nation, Inuit or Métis.

The Métis are interesting: They’re a people of mixed ancestry, which is because of male French Europeans marrying and having children with the women of the First Nations bands.

However, my point:

Masuma will label herself — with the intention of being positive — as an immigrant & ally of Indigenous Canadians. Meanwhile she will also label all White Canadians — with the intention of being derogatory — as Colonizers and White Settlers, and as the adversary of the First Nations.

All of us aside from the Indigenous people are immigrants, or all of us are colonizers and settlers.

Many things bother me about Masuma Khan. The major thing that bothers me is that Masuma has been racist, and she excuses herself because she relies on White Privilege and White Fragility from late 20th century academia and from today’s scholarship to explain why reverse racism or any racism is impossible to do to White people in Canada.

University scholarship or a doctorate’s thesis have always produced racist ideas about a group of people to reinforce a society’s beliefs that were popular at the time.

What universities drivel as academic scholarship in the 21st century must be questioned because racist ideas have already been pandered out of universities before Peggy McIntosh and Robin DiAngelo existed.

It’s all been done before.

So I’m angered that Masuma easily relies on the academic preoccupation with White Privilege and White Fragility but ignores the discredited history of universities pandering out racist ideologies like cranial morphology, racist psychology meant to explain why African Americans always had lower IQs than White Americans, or why Polish immigrants were more inferior than Irish immigrants, and the list goes on.

It seriously angers me that Masuma easily trusts the scholarship on race as without bias.

The scholarship about race, which puts down or accuses an entire group of people has always been wrong.

The universities have been racist in the 19th and early 20th centuries toward Black people, the Poles or the Irish, and the scholarship is again being racist.

Masuma also speaks her advocacy as her being the ideal immigrant.

She’s militant with her narrative that she’s a better immigrant than the White Settlers.

Masuma is being righteous about her advocacy for Indigenous Canadians.

She is militant with her disassociation from White Canadians, and from another Canadian with brown skin, named Mehak Saini, who refutes her racist statements.

Masuma has made sure that there are ethnic divisions within Canada that are like the divisions in Bosnia, and she’s picked her side.

She’s anti-White Supremacy but she doesn’t advocate against the real White Supremacists, which are White Nationalists like Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin

Masuma instead advocates against every single White Canadian because they all have White Privilege and White Fragility.

If Masuma had pale skin, she wouldn’t be able to ally herself as easily with Indigenous Canadians. She would next have to rely on her gender to ally herself. And if she were a man with pale skin? She would have the two criteria of the European Male Settlers.

Masuma would also be a racist hypocrite if she were to state that she would still be an ally because she wasn’t a White Man.

If she were a white Canadian guy, would she write scholarship about White Privilege & White Fragility as her only way to be an ally like this guy: Darryl Leroux?

Intersectionality angers me when it is used as a tool to write racist garbage about a whole group of people.

Masuma’s denigrating comments are still racist despite many people of that targeted group choosing to be silent because they would get shamed by the news and on social media. They would get shamed because it’s taught that people of their group are the ONLY racists in their country.

It bothers me that racist talk from Masuma Khan is viewed as excusable because:

1) Late 20th century and today’s academic scholarship (such as by Peggy McIntosh & Robin DiAngelo) is trusted immediately because these ideas come out of a university.

2) Racist opinions have always been written by academic scholarship before Peggy McIntosh & Robin DiAngelo existed.

There was a racist scholarship called cranial morphology that equated skull capacity with intelligence, which was used to excuse racism from White people to Black people.

Racist scholarship from the 19th & early 20th centuries was finally challenged and then ignored because people stopped trusting and using that scholarship to create and inform their opinions about which race is privileged and why.

3) A multi-ethnic nation-state like Canada can only function (and have peace) when the different people get along and not get into a conflict.

The worst civil conflict to start is an ethnic conflict. Ethnic conflicts destroy the civil peace of a country, and destroys the personal safety of everyone.

Look at the civil fighting that was done in Rwanda and Bosnia.

To talk about Bosnia:

The ethnic civil war in Bosnia lasted from 1992-1995, and since 1995 the children in Bosnia have been segregated in school buildings into three ethnic groups: Christian Orthodox Serbs, Roman Catholic Croats & Muslim Bosniaks.

The kids and high school students literally cannot mix because they either have fences or walls segregating them, and they have to enter the school building through different doors.

They are also pandered three separate curricula for their public education. The information on history that they’re taught favours their ethnic group while being biased toward the other ethnic groups.

However, the Bosnia highschool students are protesting segregation, which is unlike the university & college students in Canada & the U.S. who want safe spaces for racialized students.

Bosnian highschool students have informed themselves from the Internet that segregation in a public school causes and deepens ethnic distrust and division:

Bosnian high school students hold placards reading ”Are we really doing this in the 21st century?”, ”We can do it together” and ”Segregation is bad investment” during a protest against segregation at schools in Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, June 20, 2017.

4) People with many differences, which is diversity, need to get along while they live in the same country. If not, then ethnic conflict because of public speech happens, violence occurs at public places (like violence at a protest), and escalation continues from there.

5) Identity Politics causes segregation (like safe spaces) and causes frustration instead of building empathy and cooperation.

6) Militant dogma, which maligns an entire group of people is an ideology that causes & furthers ethnic divisions.

But I suppose that Masuma Khan is always right. She certainly has no gratitude to all Canadians — the White Settlers and those with brown skin — for being born in Canada.

However, I already know her type: She’s the same as sexist women who inform their beliefs that every single woman is the victim while every single man is the oppressor.

One thought on “Masuma Khan: She’s racist

  1. Honest opinions free from political correctness. Identity politics is nothing but an attempt shut down civil discussion. I am not Canadian but here in America there are many people of color who are fully displaying their racism and unfortunately a willing media is helping.


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