Clothing culture appropriation as a costume for Halloween

Indigenous, First Nation or Native American powpow clothing is not a Halloween costume.

The clothing or regalia worn during a powpow shouldn’t be misappropriated as a costume that’s worn during Halloween:

Also, don’t dress as a victim or evacuee of a war like World War 2:

Not cool.

It’s very morally disrespectful to dress for your Halloween costume as a child victim or as a child evacuee of the Holocaust that was done during WW2.

The historic clothing can be used for a respectful situation like a theatrical play or movie that is about the children who were killed or who were luckily evacuated during the Holocaust.

Or think of it like this:

Inappropriate situation: Wearing the clothing as a costume for your personal entertainment.

Appropriate situation: Actors & Actresses wearing the historic clothing to tell a story about the war that happened.

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