Twitter’s Nazis hate speech filter: This is why Gab is now used by Nazis and by the less Nazis-ish Alt-Right

Gab is the social media haven for Nazis and the Alt Right.

Gab is filled with racism from White Racists, anti-Semitism & Racism from Neo Nazis, and anti-Feminism from angry white guys.

It would be nice if the free speech coming from the White Racists on Gab wasn’t hate speech, but being hatefully racist seems to be the only speech that these angry white guys can communicate.

Free speech must be viewed by the Alt Right on Gab as a license to speak freely as a racist Jerk. 😆

This is why the institution of free speech gets regulated eventually in many countries: People believe that to communicate their ideas freely they have the right to speak hateful racism all the time. 😅

Why can’t someone say something that’s nice with their Free Speech? Or is the point of Free Speech to fume your beliefs, which happens to be hatefully racist? Is Free Speech the right to rant about the race of people who upset you?

Andrew Torba, the Gab CEO, doesn’t like Twitter because it (as an American business) is removing hate speech as those tweets are reported by people using Twitter.

Andrew also doesn’t like the country of residence setting that Twitter offers as a feature:

The two countries of France & Germany — when you have either location as your Twitter account’s address — block the Racist Facist Twitter accounts:

Also from blogger, Kevin Marks:

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