Are Hoop Earrings cultural appropriation?

By the logic of three students at Pitzer, College, Claremont, California who identify themselves as Latina, only girls and women with skin that is either brown or black are permitted to wear Circle Shaped Earrings? They wrote: “White Girl, take OFF your hoops!!!” on March 4th 2017.

So my mom (whose skin is brown) can wear Hoop Earrings but I can’t? 🤔

This identity politics with Hoop Earrings looks to me like colourist racism simply because this is racism with skin colour coming from women who have brown skin directed toward women with pink skin.

Last time I checked, Hoop Earrings are actually Circle Earring Jewelry.

This circle shaped ear jewelry has been worn by any woman in any society because circles as earrings are a simple design to make.

Example: Ancient Egyptian Woman wearing Hoop Earrings

The Greek Women wore Hoop Earrings, the Roman Women wore Hoop Earrings, and so on. Women of any skin colour have worn circle shaped earrings because these earrings are a basic design that are simple to craft.

Also please, just please don’t quip at me that because the Sumerians were brown skinned, this is definitive evidence that only women with brown or black coloured skin can wear circle shaped earrings because a very old discovered pair of hoop earrings were Sumerian made:

Sumerian Hoop Earrings, 2600-2500 B.C.E., Gold, Diameter of 1.1 Centimeters, Brooklyn Museum

This belief that circle earring jewelry is only for brown or black skinned women is plain colourist racism.

The next question to ask would be: Are the size of the Hoops the perceived problem of cultural appropriation?:

If the Big Hoops are the problem of misappropriation, then this question of “Size Matters” is very much like a question about Penis Size.

If you see the Penis Size Debate as silly, then why are Women with brown skin thinking like Black and White men debating their Size Of Penis and that the biggest size of Dick belongs to only Black men and the Smallest belongs to Asian men? 😄

Comparing Hoop Earrings to Penises sounds silly because one is jewelry and the other is a sex appendage. However demanding that only the Big Hoops be worn by brown skinned Latinas is also just as ridiculous because it’s racist to demand that Big Hoop Ear Jewelry are only for brown & black women within a multi-cultural nation where influence by one culture to another always occurs.

Influence, sharing and exchange is actually a very good thing in a country where relations between people of different ethnicities can devolve into fractious in-group and out-group politics. Sectarian clique politics is a bad thing for a society of different cultures. The bad thing would be public civil fighting because of sectarian or segregation politics.

However, let’s ask the question about nose jewelry like studs and rings:

Many White women wear nose studs and nose rings.

Because cultural appropriation is now “No Cross Culture Sharing Whatsoever” — which means no trade, no cross cultural exchange & sharing of jewelry — does this mean that White women are also forbidden from wearing a nose ring?

They now cannot wear a nose ring simply because their skin is pink?

Many White tattooists wear nose rings, and I wouldn’t attempt to tell them they are forbidden from wearing a nose ring simply because Latinas with a brown skin colour only want brown or black skinned people to wear the nose ring.

I can say for certain that all White tattooists would tell me to “Fuck Off” if I attempted to tell them that they can’t wear a nose ring. 😅

Or look at it this way:

Tattooists are people who decorate their bodies because what they wear is aesthetic to them, or is art, and they see what they wear as their choice.

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