Sarah Silverman: Funny about her White Privilege or is she just awkward?

I never found Sarah Silverman as a funny comedian. I’ve honestly seen other women doing a better job as female comedians. The few to immediately name would be Whoopi Goldberg, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Poehler & Rebel Wilson.

So can Sarah Silverman actually be funny with the political topic of White Privilege in the United States? Probably not.

Sarah Silverman is just awkward when trying to be funny about White Privilege. 

Awkward isn’t funny when it’s done as a portrayal of a White woman bumbling as she too often censors herself when she talks with a Black person, an Asian person, and so on.

To me, the portrayal of constant self-censorship is actually only annoying.

Sarah Silverman’s portrayal of her stumbling self-censorship with her words of address when talking with someone who is Asian, Black, etc., is really annoying to watch.

Example: Being awkward in your small talk with a Black person with which words to use as the racial identity for them is annoying.

2nd Example: Small talk is not a conversation between government diplomats representing different ethnic identities. A Serbian diplomat fumbling with words is funny because of the possible large consequence that would happen when the other diplomat is referred to as a Bosniak instead of a Croat.

A short conversation on a street that involves commenting about the weather isn’t the conversation that involves an awkward searching of words to address the other person’s race, racial experience and your White Privilege. 😅

Can you imagine a random White woman coming up to you while you’re on a street and she starts fumbling with her words about what ethnic identity to refer to you as, your racial experience and her White Privilege as she begins talking with you??? That would be very annoying. I would ask are you okay? 😂

The weather is frequently the main topic in a short conversation between strangers at a bus stop on a Canadian street. But usually people don’t talk. Instead they read their phones.

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