Daily Stormer is definitely not a Catalan website

Dailystormer.cat is supposed to be a Catalan language website for people of Catalonia, Spain, or for Catalan speakers who live abroad.

Of course, Dailystormer.cat is an American English language website with only White Supremacy racist content. 😆

The Dailystormer is misappropriating the .cat domain so that it can be visible on the regular Web.

It’s a question of when Fundacio.cat (the Registry) will take back the “.cat” domain from the Daily Stormer:

To use a “.cat” domain, the website’s language has to be Catalan or predominantly Catalan. English or another language is allowed as a minority percentage.

The content has to also be for Catalan language speakers or for people living in the region of Catalonia.

The content has to be of interest to someone living in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, etc. An English language White Racist website that’s American made is neither Catalan nor relevant to a Catalan speaker living in Spain’s region of Catalonia. 😅

Because of the stress that’s occuring in Catalonia, I expect that Fundacio.cat would have to be contacted many times to be made aware of the Dailystormer.cat.

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