Daily Stormer vs. the New York Times reporting on Saudis Women driving

The Daily Stormer is always written according to the warped opinions coming from angry racist and sexist White men.

Any reporting in the Daily Stormer is distorted by the taint of the racism & sexism coming from the white guy who writes the news article.

Here’s the Stormer’s spin:

Saudis women can legally drive when it’s June 2018.

But the Stormer’s spin on this news is its own rant that women can’t possibly be allowed to drive because the car wouldn’t be small enough to fit in the house to drive between the kitchen and the bedroom. This humour can’t possibly charm and recruit white women to actually like White Nationalism and the White Supremacist guys who write for the Daily Stormer:


Now here’s the New York Times reporting of Saudis women legally driving when it’s June 2018:


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