White Supremacist racism, White Privilege and Fragility

White people need to solve the problem of white supremacy. It’s white people’s problem, we created it, and it’s a problem we need to fix. — Christian Picciolini, former White Supremacist Neo Nazi & co-founder of Life After Hate

This guy is right.

In all, I do my part by actively paying attention to the Alt Right White Racists and I blog to speak against them.

White Supremacist *hate speech* and *violence* are problems caused by White Racists, which I challenge. That’s my activism that I do against White Supremacy Racism.

The hate speech and violence done by Alt Right White Racists is my concern.

White Supremacy hate speech (example: the American Daily Stormer by Andrew Anglin) and White Supremacy violence (example: the 1963 KKK bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama where Black Americans had civil rights meetings) must be denounced by people who identify themselves as White.

White people must publicly speak out against and actively stop other White people who do White Supremacy Racism in its form of *hate speech* and *violence*.

I also will not go further in my anti-racist activism because:

There is a pitfall that anyone must, simply must avoid when doing activism against the hate speech and violence of White Supremacy Racism:

Do not for one minute ignore any White person’s experience of:

1) Poverty,

2) Divorced parents or single parent families,

3) The lack of jobs that provide an income that pay bills and allows for savings,

4) Abuse in all its forms of sexual/physical/spoken/and emotional,

5) Suffering because of the severe weather and any natural disaster,

6) Living with a disability, a congenital disorder (Cerebral Palsy, etc.), chronic medical illness or a disease,

7) And do not ignore the experience of mental health and the stress of Depression, etc.

I emphasize that I cannot believe and publicly support that the “socio-economic” situation does not count against White Privilege.

Privileges are often not present or very few are present when the intersectionality of poverty, abuse, lack of appropriate jobs, mental health problems, and natural disaster occur.

Poverty plus abuse — or abuse by itself — subtracts from race-based privileges like White Privilege. Sexual abuse cancels out any privilege, like White Privilege, simply because it’s evil and horrifically harmful.

I bring up sexual abuse because any person, despite being pink skinned or brown skinned, will be downtrodden by this form of abuse.

It literally takes years of focused therapy and support from other people to recover from sexual abuse. People with White pigmented skin do not recover in less years when compared to people with Brown pigmented skin.

Here are two systemic sexual abuses that were done:

1) The sexual abuse of White Roman Catholic children by clergy (example: the Boston Roman Catholic Church scandal),

2) The sexual abuse of Indigenous Canadian children by Roman Catholic managed Residential Schools (Truth & Reconciliation Commission Reports).

The sexual abuse of White children by Roman Catholic clergy in both Ireland, the United States & Canada, or the sexual abuse of Indigenous Canadian children by Roman Catholic clergy has caused more than a few children with white or brown skin to:

1) Become depressed,

2) Seek out alcohol or street drugs to self-medicate, or to become abusers who continue the cycle of sexual abuse.

So I please ask:

Be very careful with the two ideas of “White Privilege” and “White Fragility”.

White Privilege as advantages experienced in a culture

I suspect that a White person who is not a racist could actually turn him or herself into a racist simply because of White Privilege & White Fragility being daily leveled at them from the media and as the popular idea shared by today’s anti-racism activists.

White Fragility

I critically question the daily inundation of the ideas White Privilege & Fragility as the two answers to why social problems in the U.S. & Canada occur in the 21st century.

To me, a sexually abused White person from a dysfunctional or a single parent family who lived in urban poverty cannot accept either White Privilege or White Fragility because these ideas are in direct contradiction with their lived experience.

White Fragility is problematic because it assumes any White person is fragile toward a person with brown skin talking about their experience of racism.

I have a problem with the entirety of White Fragility:

White Fragility is a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves. These moves include the outward display of emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and behaviors such as argumentation, silence, and leaving the stress-inducing situation. These behaviors, in turn, function to reinstate white racial equilibrium.” — Robin DiAngelo

Robin DiAngelo has no patience and had created this moniker from that impatience for any White person who debates, disagrees with or questions White Fragility.

Any reaction (questioning it) or no reaction (being quiet) are responses that only confirm that White Fragility is fundamentally true.

To me, White Fragility comes off as dogma from a religion where there is only one correct response to it and that is acceptance.

White Fragility is a lose-lose ideology for a White person. It’s like the Buddhist monk hitting the student with a stick. The lesson for the student would be what to do with the stick? But the Buddhist teacher actually allows for the student to grab the stick to stop the stick from hitting him.

White Fragility doesn’t permit a White person to grapple it. The only correct response is “Yes, White Fragility is true about me and about all White people.”

White Fragility is a black & white idea. Absolute ideologies cause harm because anyone who disagrees with them is not permitted.

In all, I do my part by actively paying attention to the Alt Right White Racists and I blog to speak against them.

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