Young Angry Men

Take an honest look at the Muslim men who join ISIS or who are the Daesh fighters: They are young adult men who are very angry.

Next take a look at the White men who turn themselves into White Supremacist Nationalists: They are young adult men who are very angry.


There is both an ISIS and a White Supremacist ISIS since angry men join either.

ISIS fighters feel their anger because of their hatred of Western culture. They see themselves disenfranchised by the display of Western culture through the Internet and by NATO’s & the United States’ foreign policy.

They also do violence with guns, and by kidnapping and making Northern Iraq Yazidi children and women their slaves.

Meanwhile, White Supremacist men feel their anger because of their hatred of Western culture. They also see themselves disenfranchised in the current culture because of feminism and multiculturalism.

They have done violence in the past (like through the actions of the KKK during the 1960s) and they can certainly again.

Both the men in ISIS and the White Supremacist men hate current Western culture.

Both types of men want to make themselves a government to dismantle the culture of each Western country.

Both want power: Both want to use this power to reconstruct the society they live in to become a society men like themselves should be entitled to.

Both want to establish their beliefs as the only appropriate culture.

However when they meet, both will hate each other because both of their ideologies are Supremacist!: Only one Supremacist ideology can be the culture.

Angry men who believe in a race-based or a religion-based Supremacy produce so much hate speech and violence.

How do we calm down angry men?

How do angry men calm themselves down?

Just giving them what they see themselves as entitled to won’t stop their hate speech and violence. They will only continue their hate speech and violence through either becoming a government, or through being deferred to.

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