A bunch of things happened to Gab.ai

In the last few days, Gab began its own lawsuit against Google:

Gab will likely lose its antitrust ( or anti-monopoly ) civil suit against Google because Andrew Torba ( and his staff ) never moderate and delete posts from its social media that are racially hateful or a rant against Jews, Women, Gay people, Trans people, etc. 

Most of the talk on Gab is regularly hateful towards Jews, Black people, people with brown skin, Women, Gay people, Trans people, and the list goes on. 😂

Gab’s Andrew Torba only deletes a post when someone actually speaks with Gab’s domain registrar, and that registrar orders Gab to delete the content.

Ars Technica observes the same reasons why Gab will likely lose its civil suit:

Next, Instra Corp. ( Gab’s Domain Registrar ) has dropped its hosting of Gab. Gab will have to find another Registrar:

Gab’s creator, Andrew Torba, has also expelled or banned Weev from Gab.

Weev predictably posted that Jews are a problem. To White racists, Jews are always a problem, and Weev rants about them.

Weev, in all, muses that people who the Alt-right view as having power will only learn from violence done to them.

He includes mentioning Timothy McVeigh, who bombed a building, which had a daycare it in.

Here’s the original post from Weev:

Here’s Gab’s archive of Weev’s post:

Weev’s account on Gab now shows a 404 error message:

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