Zombie Daily Stormer: dailystormer.is

Sometimes the message “502 Bad Gateway” is met when you access the Daily Stormer at dailystormer.is:

Despite the browser you choose, the bad gateway message will sometimes be met:

The author, Andrew Anglin, of the Daily Stormer writes 90% to 95% trash, which is Neo Nazis ranting.

Anything Nazis is just evil.

Please don’t deny the Holocaust and also consider watching the original films of the liberated inmates of the WW2 Nazi concentration camps. Most of the inmates were skeletal corpses.

However, the 10% to a minimum of 5% of the Stormer’s content is an interesting read only because Andrew mentions the Juggalos:


Juggalos are either cool or just straightforward scary:


Clowns are scary like Pennywise from Stephen King’s “It”. Or the Joker from DC Comics.

But the clowns who were the “court jesters of medieval Europe were a sanctioned way for people under the feudal thumb to laugh at the guys in charge.” — Smithsonian Magazine

In all, I wouldn’t mess with a clown if that clown were a Juggalo. 😅

3 thoughts on “Zombie Daily Stormer: dailystormer.is

    1. People paint themselves as clowns (scary clowns) and call themselves Juggalos. I only discovered Juggalos because 10% to 5% of the content of the Daily Stormer, which isn’t Neo Nazis trash, had mentioned them.


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