Pepe the frog

It’s interesting that Alt Right posters on at took a benign cartoon frog, Pepe, and made White Supremacist and Nazis memes out of him.

Pepe the frog got culturally appropriated by racist white guys from the original creator, Matt Furie, who’s actually a non-racist white guy.

At first, Matt Furie was amused and neutral about Neo Nazis and other Alt Right white guys making memes out of Pepe to make him a shareable image of White Nationalist statements and of straightforward racist hatred.

But then, the Alt Right white guys wouldn’t quit making White Supremacist memes out of Pepe. So Matt Furie changed his mind.

Matt Furie also got to work: He killed off Pepe.

He next fundraised on Kickstarter, and had started enforcing his copyright of Pepe the frog.

It seems that copyright could be the tool used to trouble and obfuscate the Alt Right white guys during their creation of racist memes.

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