Dailystormer.at: Booted off the surface web, again

Andrew just can’t get his Nazis White Supremacist Daily Stormer to stay on the surface of the regular web. 🤣

Perhaps the Daily Stormer being a *Nazis* or a *White Supremacist National Socialist* website is the exact reason why Andrew can’t keep a domain name for the Daily Stormer on the regular Web. 😅

White men, and any guy of any race, should try to get beyond ethnic tribalism.

If not, then human beings will ALWAYS: 1st) Rant racist hate speech at each other, 2nd) provoke and anger each other with the ranted hate speech, and 3rd) next murder each other because their racist hate speech had inflamed each other to hate each other.

The Americans have their First Amendment, but the other human societies or countries don’t support absolute Free Speech. So Hate Speech laws likely are the majority phenomena and the US First Amendment is the minority force.

Or the Internet Registry ICANN, because it’s now managed by the U.N., will address a country’s Hate Speech laws first and the libertarian absolute interpretation of Free Speech second.

This is the reality Andrew Anglin and other White Supremacists will face each time they attempt to buy a domain name from a Registrar who is geographically based in the E.U., the U.K., or just simply not in the United States. However, Registrars like GoDaddy, who are based in the US, are also making decisions to no longer host Supremacist racist websites. This might indicate that the US Registrar is viewing any country’s Hate Speech laws with consideration equal to their legal support of their American First Amendment. Or maybe — because ICANN is no longer an American property — Domain Registrars are having to pay attention to any nation’s Hate Speech laws.

With all this said, we’ll have to watch what US Registrars will be doing in the upcoming months as their behaviour toward the angry Nazi and White Supremacist webzines and blogs.

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