Are White People all Racists?

Is the face of a racist really always White?

Peter Cvjetanovic at the August 2017 Charlottesville Unite the Right rally.

White Supremacists and Nazis are really showing up these days.

These racists number in the thousands.

Is the White person being an explicit Nazis really a good thing for the overall reputation of everyone who is White?

Are White People really a racist monolith?

That’s a shame if this is true.

People of colour would then always be right that the stereotypic racist is first a White Man, and second a White Woman.

White people being perceived as mostly being racist is actually not a good thing.

There are many more brown skin people on our planet Earth than pink skinned people who call themselves White.

In the upcoming decades, White Racists playing true to the stereotypic racist will be a bad thing for anyone who’s perceived as White by the larger number of human beings who are East Indian, Mainland Chinese, etc.

White Racists actually create obstacles for their beloved race of people in the 21st century world. This means problems of like “What brown skinned person would actually want to work with a White person whose peers are mostly racist?”.

I have never been racist.

I have worried about concepts like White Privilege, but have never turned myself into a White Racist.

I thought most White people had dropped being racist.

I must be wrong.

Oh well.

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