Angry White Men.

It’s obvious why there are so many angry white men. Can you guess?

The heterosexual white man has had his privileges shared with White Women and African Americans of both genders.

The list of different people to share with also continues to expand. 😅

What human will arise next that the white guy should get anxious about?

Oh dear.

Is this phenomenon why White Nationalists are mostly White Men?

Read for yourself:

The past five decades have not been kind to the white, heterosexual men who made up the overwhelming majority of those who invaded Charlottesville and who support the white nationalist movement. Until the 1960s, white men sat unchallenged atop the United States’ cultural and economic pyramid. They did not have to compete against women or African Americans in the workplace, and they benefited from laws and customs that sustained their privileged position. They not only ruled the workplace, they dominated American politics and exercised virtually unchallenged power at home.

And then their world exploded. African Americans, unwilling to accept the legacy of Jim Crow, confronted the white power structure in the South. With the help of liberal allies, they pushed Congress to pass two major pieces of civil rights legislation that outlawed legal discrimination. Feminists, inspired by these successes, challenged laws that confined them to traditional roles in the private sphere. They smashed the notion that women could not be lawyers, doctors and corporate leaders, and they made clear they were not content to be subservient housewives. They were later joined by the LGBT community that demanded equal treatment while questioning traditional conceptions of gender and sexuality.” — Why are so many white men angry

Maybe one or two women have tagged along with the angry white guys.

Emily Youcis is one of them.

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