Tempest in a Teapot

Andrew Torba, creator & CEO of Gab, has had to deal with overly sensitive Andrew Anglin (and friend, Weev) on Sept 4th & 5th:

Anglin got really touchy about having to delete another picture of Heather Heyer that depicted her getting squashed by a car. The photo was a composite, which was mindlessly first created by White Nationalist Emily Youcis.

Andrew Torba is pro-free speech, which is reasonable. But he is having to deal with the irritable rants and sore feelings of Alt-Right Nazis Andrew Anglin. We will see how long Torba will be patient with Anglin.

Just remember Anglin, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Be kind to that hand, which would be the hand belonging to Torba who’s operating Gab: The only surface website you’re permitted to post your White Supremacist temper tantrums. 😹

Andrew Torba also plans to either construct or buy a domain Registrar that would overtly be pro-free speech in its Terms Of Service.

He, so far, has crowd funded:

As well, Torba has had to rely on Instra Corporation as Gab’s “.AI” domain Registrar.

Gab also can’t keep posted content, which has been reported to Instra Corp, that contravenes Instra Corp’s Terms Of Service. Its Terms Of Service (called Abuse Policy – Domain Names) includes respecting Hate Speech laws belonging to most of the world’s countries:

In all, ICANN keeps track of Registrars. Apparently (according to Anglin), ICANN isn’t accepting a new registrar until 2020:

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