Tempest in a Teapot , part 2

Gab faces a problem:

Instra Corp includes respecting Hate Speech laws in its Terms Of Service. But, Gab’s goal is to permit any type of speech on its site. Doesn’t matter if the speech would be unfair fat jokes directed at a dead woman coming from a jackass or it would be evil. 🤔

We’ll have to see if Gab can accommodate the rantings and photos of murdered Heather Heyer from a Nazis like Andrew Anglin. Anglin will probably regularly push the patience of Torba whenever Anglin rants specifically at him. 😹

The question is, what is Andrew Torba to do?

There are now suggestions from White Nationalist Weev, and others, to make:

A hidden service on Gab.

The photos of people run over by cars or of fat jokes about those killed people will be viewable by a link, which would be posted on Gab. That link would connect to the Daily Stormer on the Tor network. Anyone using Tor can view the content at the Daily Stormer on Tor.

How long would that approach work? Guesses? We will have to see.

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