Worried Racist White Guys ranting at Gab Changelog

Gab did a technical update:

However, the anxiety riddled white guys were quick to rant racial slurs at the admin and about conspiracy. šŸ˜¹

The author of the Daily Stormer is feeling sensitive these days because of being repeatedly booted off the regular Web.

Gab.ai is currently Andrew’s refuge on the indexed Internet where he can repeat to fellow racist worried white guys that Free Speech includes Hate Speech from Nazis toward everyone else who aren’t White Supremacist.

Gab did a change with Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) and other features, which likely made Weev’s posts invisible to those who read his feed.

Also, below is a less stressed update from Weev:

There’s also no more free registration on the Daily Stormer bbs.


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