Hello down there! Daily Stormer still sore from repeatedly getting booted back to Tor.

I don’t, for one minute, believe nor support any of the Daily Stormer’s rhetoric.

Many ranted about ideas are just, well, interested in only serving Angry Resentful White Men. 😹

One idea would be White Sharia:

White Sharia, frankly, is a bad idea only because the racist & sexist white men would implement it out of their pure resentment toward feminism.

Sore feeling white guys should not culturally appropriate Muslim Sharia simply because they would establish a much worse and warped version of Sharia.

White women would become unfortunate & dependant dogs owned by resentful white guys because these guys couldn’t avoid turning themselves into Animal Abusers of their newly dependant pet dogs.

Sharia should only belong to Islam.

Think of what the Nazis did with the Indian swastika. The Nazis co-opted the swastika and degenerated that symbol’s meaning by using it to represent their racial hatred and mass murders of “Un-German” people.

However, I still keep watch of the Daily Stormer:

This is a screenshot of the front page of Week 2’s edition of the Daily Stormer:

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