Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber: The original document.

Uploaded is the original document called “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber“.

The original reads much better than Gizmodo‘s edited version.

White guys like James Damore aren’t racist. They also don’t intend to be sexist. So they would be a moderate in their political beliefs.

However, my big concern with censoring and firing James Damore from Google is that he can be radicalized by the Alt-Right because:

1) he’s a White Guy,

2) the Alt-Right will quickly come to his aid,

3) he’s a White Guy who got marginalized & fired for writing a very polite question about Google’s Diversity policy and hiring goals.

Too bad the Leftists don’t want to see that alienating a politically moderate White Man with accusations of microagression & unconscious bias will likely radicalize him.

This is exactly what happens to moderate Muslim men (or women) who get disenfranchised. They radicalize and join ISIS.

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