Where and when did the Nazis ethnic hatred start? , Todesmühlen film

I never really deeply read about the Third Reich Nazis and Nazis Germany.

[Next post will be about: Nazis Germany & WW2]

I never denied the Holocaust …because how could I ignore and make reasons why the Nazis had “never” established concentration camps where they mass murdered the inmates of those camps?

Recently, I actually watched an original film of the Allied army entering a concentration camp after vanquishing the Nazis occupation of the surrounding territory.

It was really heart-rending to watch who the Allied army had meet in that liberated concentration camp.

Most of the inmates were dead.

The thousands of dead bodies were emancipated, skeletal and starved. The human remains were organized in rows, and were stacked three or more layers high. The stacked skeletal bodies were naked and unwashed.

The Allies began unburying the mass graves of the dead bodies that weren’t stacked in rows on the ground.

One Allied soldier grimly pulled out the skeletal, naked corpse of a woman with long hair. He had to grasp the corpse’s hair in his hand in order to pull it out of the mass grave. The dead body was flimsy while the hair attached to it had more substance.

Every mass grave that was found was unburied.

The Allied commanders then went to the German town that was local to the Nazis concentration camp. The Allies then forced marched those citizens of the Ayran Fatherland town to enter and view the liberated concentration camp.

Many of the townspeople were shocked, they covered their noses, and they shook their heads in disbelief.

The men of the German townspeople were made by the Allied commanders to construct wooden crosses and to carry those crosses to a new burial location for the dead victims of the concentration camp.

The idea was to, at least, have the German townspeople acknowledge the Nazis mass ethnic cleansing through the action of making a decent burial for the corpses of the concentration camp victims.

This original film was called, “Todesmühlen” or “Death Mills”.

Death Mills is a 1945 American film directed by Billy Wilder and Hanus Burger. It was produced by the United States Department of War. The film was intended for German audiences, and to educate them about the atrocities committed by the Nazi Regime.

The film is an abbreviated version of German Concentration Camps Factual Survey, a 1945 British government documentary that was not completed until almost seven decades later.

The German language version of Die Todesmühlen was shown in the US sector of West Germany in January 1946.

Todesmühlen is really hard to watch, but also necessary.

A hardline and polarized Holocaust denier would likely not have any empathy while watching the film. The film would be called a hoax by the denier.

However, those who aren’t fully committed to denying the Holocaust (and being Nazis sympathisers) will experience doubts about their denial and their defense of the Third Reich Nazis.

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