Where and when did the Nazis ethnic hatred start? , Nazis Germany and WW2

The Nazis party was voted for by the Germans, and they became Germany’s federal government in 1933.

Interesting that the Nazis were democratically chosen by many Germans in 1933?

Most Germans, at that time, were worried about their ethnic culture.

This concern can run parallel with today’s Alt-Right anxiety with White people becoming a minority.

This anxiety is about a myriad of things, like “White Privilege“.

The parallel would also be White Nationalists in the U.S. & Canada repeatedly asking for a White-Only Ethnostate in the U.S. & other immigrant countries (like Canada, Australia, New Zealand) where White people are currently counted as a majority.

At the time in 1933, the Germans wanted their culture & institutions to be pure from “Un-German” elements.

They also were concerned about keeping their race pure from involvement with Jews, Polish Slavs, etc.:

The Nazis State or The Third Reich Nazis-01

The Nazis State or The Third Reich Nazis-02

The Nazis State or The Third Reich Nazis-03

The Nazis State or The Third Reich Nazis-04

The Nazis State or The Third Reich Nazis-05

The Nazis State or The Third Reich Nazis-06

The Nazis State or The Third Reich Nazis-07

The Nazis had beliefs about preserving the German race from defined invaders, which would be immigration of Slavs, Jews, etc. The Nazis also concerned themselves with preserving the culture of the German people. This conscientious anxiety then became rabid and unfettered power, which the Nazis used to disenfranchise and mass murder undesirable Humans.

The White Nationalists of 2017 have to question if their ranks should really support Neo Nazis.

The Nazis can be polite, but will turn ugly toward the category of people whom they consider to be “K*kes” , “N*ggers” , “F*ggots” or those viewed as inferior.

Frankly, Nazis should never again become the government and have power. State power would always allow them to play our their evil beliefs about the White race and about a White Ethnostate.

I honestly don’t want to experience a WW3 caused by Nazis because Neo Nazis were actually voted for and allowed to be in positions of government in a Western country.

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