My Funny Twitter Conversation with a Nazis

I had a funny convo with a Nazis on Twitter.

I completely mistook his Twitter, and didn’t immediately see his profile as a Nazis account. I wasn’t wearing my glasses, and was using my $100 cheap phone 😹.

At about the 1/3rd point of the conversation, I realized I was having a polite Twitter conversation with a Nazis.

At this point, I decided to continue the conversation because it was:

1) Polite,

2) Civil,

3) Respectful,

4) In all, this was a conversation demonstrating: That one or the other human being was genuinely showing no plan to ethnically cleanse the other because of pure White Supremacist Nazis racial, sexist, homophobic hatred, which is an endless list of hatred.

Read through the Twitter convo and see when the Nazis stopped being polite, transformed to show his true colours & hatred, and then turned ugly toward me:

This was actually a very useful conversation 😺.

This Twitter convo confirms that Nazis Are Evil toward all categories of people who aren’t part of the very minority and very small Nazis definition of *Acceptable Human Allowed To Live*.

Nazis have this very narrow and minuscule category of what Humans they actually like and tolerate.

Unfortunately most of humanity isn’t:

1) Nazis,

2) White Supremacist,

3) White Supremacist Nationalist (<= a subcategory of White Nationalism),

[White Nationalism I don’t yet have a problem with because of an ideology called “White Privilege,” which is very problematic toward anyone who is seen as White.]

4) White Heterosexual Man,

5) A White Man,

6) White Heterosexual Woman,

7) A White Woman willing to only be valued for conceiving & birthing children so that the Nazis organization & Nazis men would never go extinct.

But the majority of humanity not being part of the Nazis category is actually a fortunate thing.

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